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I have been reading Bukowski books like crazy the past two years. I have damn near read all of his books and many books written by other people about Bukowski. There were only a few books that I hadn't read but from what I remembered I had read them before and so I didn't want to buy them. I was pretty certain that the books were buried in one of my boxes that take up a good part of my downstairs room. I sort of look like I'm a hoarder.

I have been agonizing over whether I should by the books new on paper back or go digging through all of these damn boxes to try to find them. Well I finally decided I had to find out what I had hidden away. So I got a bottle of wine and a pack of smokes because Buk would have me do this no other way.

When I found the box of Buk books I was thrilled and actually really overcome by emotion. Since starting at Buk dot net I have been pretty jealous of so many other folks who have such excellent collections of Buk collectables. I really wished I had some books from Black Sparrow.

The deal was that back when Buk died I went on a reading binge of his books. I didn't read everything because I wasn't much of a reader back then but I did read a fair share of his books. I felt like at the time that I did get a good taste of what the real guy was like, not just the Barfly Buk.

I was freaking out at what I found in my box and I want to share it with you die hard folks. Ya'll can tell me what value you think some of the stuff I have is worth or you just say "congrats Danny Mac."

Post Office Black Sparrow 1992 26th printing, new edition
Hollywood Black Sparrow 1992 8th printing some discoloration on the cover
The Movie Barfly Black Sparrow 1991 4th printing very good condition
Mocking Bird Wish Me Luck Black Sparrow 1991 14th printing very good condition
Love is a Dog From Hell Black Sparrow 1991 Very Good condition
The Most Beautiful Woman in Town City Lights No year found ISBN 0-87286-156-2 excellent
notes of a dirty old man City Lights no year found ISBN 0-87286-074-4 excellent

Even if these books are not worth that much...they are priceless to me since they are Black Sparrow Press. I am so happy that I wanted to know more about the guy when he died. I knew it was a super big deal that he had passed away.

I am re-reading these books and I am enjoying them thoroughly. I am pretty sure that I read Woman and "You get so alone at times just it just make sense." I'm going to have to dig through some other boxes that I did not get to yet. I am going to freak out and go totally mental if I find more books. It pays to be a bit of a hoarder.

your thoughts.
My thoughts are that the books have little monetary value but are, as you wrote, priceless. It's nice to have some of the older, less common items, some signed, etc., but it's about the words. Almost everything that was contained in the early chaps, broadsides, and Loujon books was published by Black Sparrow and the City Lights comps are readily available. The biggest gap is really those poems published in the littles - but we have the manuscripts section here taken fine care of by our fearless leader. I do agree that the BSP books have a certain something to them that means a bit more than the ecco counterparts. Those that were published with Buk's actual edits in them, that is.

Keep searching your boxes, you won't likely find a copy of All the Assholes in the World and Mine, but you might find South of No North, and then you get assholes+.:wb:
No Write magazine(s) from the forties?!?
Dig through those boxes again.
I'm going to have to dig through some other boxes that I did not get to yet.
Ah, there's still some hope...

P.S. There's enough material in your post for a whole book.
It's just a thought.

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