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On a kinda personal note, I vividly remember first reading the line about people "never knowing the treasure of my escape" and thinking it's an acknowledgment, a compliment if you will, to DRINKING.

Or if not just drinking, to the whole package of living, existing on your own, outside maybe of the values set by your surroundings. Making your own decisions on what's meaningful and worth doing or striving for, no matter how unproductive they might seem compared to the standards of the time. Here I was thinking of the drunken postman, alone typing away at night without any pressure. Plenty of trouble, sure but no momentary pressure.

Then again, I was probably DRUNK and reading the very same poem this week, Old Man, Dead in A Room in Penguin Modern Poets 13, I realised it was about DEATH. As perhaps suggested in the title.

Yet, I was a little disappointed.
lol two very random posts, the first one being not so random. that second one came out of left field though. I like to think that Old Man, Dead In A Room is about being alive, rather than death. I think its about Buk being so driven by the word. like, he has to write. and that after his death, the only thing that'll be left are the words he has written, and everybody will be sitting around scratching thier heads, thinking, "man oh man, what would posess anyone to write these sorts of things." and then never finding the answer to said question.

thats what i took from it.

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