Can you help fill some holes in the database?


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Just for ha-ha's I was going to print out the list. 39 pages? Christ almighty! Martin. What the fuck.
I'm curious about foreign peridodical appearances. At the end I guess foreign periodicals must have asked for poems. Do Fogel/Krumsahl list foreign appearances? Do university collections have any gaps relating to foreign publications?

Obviously translations of known poems aren't of much interest and but I wonder if there are any translations out there that no on can attach to an original? I guess there was a temptation in throwing together a Buk pastiche in an obscure Swedish fanzine just to sell a few extra copies, knowing no one would ever check.

Until now.
One publication that does not appear in the timeline's 'Publications' column is 'Gallows' #1, published in 1959 by Jon Griffith, in which the following Bukowski poems appear:

"What A Man I Was" (pages 1-3)
"The Birds" (page 3)

Gallows only lasted for two issues. Both works are, of course, in the database; just not in the timeline.

Thanks for a terrific database and all the effort that has obviously gone into this site.


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One publication that does not appear in the timeline's 'Publications' column...
That column is mainly for books and broadsides and notable "other" publications, it isn't intended to list every publication. Listing every publication wouldn't really make sense in a timeline.
Blue Window, vol. 1, no. 2, Spring/Summer 1987:
I am giving away the prize

Long Shot, vol. 9, 1990
a poem for the dmw
flying through space
the last person

The Periodical of Art in Nebraska, Summer 1977
I need and I demand

Last one is already in the database as P-A-N.
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Added/updated, thanks.

A Poem For The DMV is new to the database. I suspect it's been retitled in one of Martin's collections...


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LITERARY TIMES, Vol. 4, No. 2, edited by Jay Robert Nash
Chicago: Literary Times, December 1964
“Here’s What I Say” [interview]
(Dorbin D25)

Doesn't look like you received a response on this one yet...


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Thanks, Jason. I think I removed that magazine from the database because the database doesn't list interviews.
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