Celebrating Bukowski at the Huntington (1 Viewer)

judging from the numerous bald(ing) heads, I would say that most people were 45 or more ;)
I'd say 75% of the people there were in their 40's or older, some were very old, but there was also a good number of younger types there. A very mixed crowd.

would it make the poem any worse to type out "your"? i hate that shit. that and unnecessary adjectives.
I got sleepy.
but he got to hang out with Bukowski for a time, so I guess he wins.
yr.yr.yr.yr.yr. - who can read that shit?
I am distracted by the pretense.

it's totally pretense in literature.

but kids use these things a lot in their emails, blogs and SMS nowadays. the daughter of my last girlfriend even shortens whole sentences down to single letters. (like "hdgdl" means "hab dich ganz doll lieb" = "love you a lot." etc.) it's the newspeak of the computer&cellphone-age.

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