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This certainly isn't the first time someone has stopped by to announce their most recent attempt at "using" something Bukowski for an art project and supposing we might have something to say. The beauty of this, if there is any, and I only state that because it's subjective, is that there's more than an ounce of reverence and honor, and the humor is well done, even if it's a melding of current camera work and an old reading. Well done, I say. I suppose it's worth stating that, technically, there might be some legal issues, despite citing all your sources and producing something that clearly doesn't appear to be a commercial venture. But it's an honest piece of work nonetheless.
WELL DONE ! And welcome to don't be a dick... there's a history of newbies on this forum looking to "flash their jewelry", then cop an attitude, and disappear.

R.I.P. to Hollywood Park - a victim of the inevitable changes in the gaming industry, and perhaps, a bit of poor planning on their part. I say this as a long-time employee of the racing industry.

Nice "re-cap" too (or whatever you cinema folks call it) at the end there, with the real Buk in his actual Volkswagen. Thank you.
It's weird going back there now. I had a gig (musician) in the casino a couple of months ago. The track is a ghost-town but the casino was packed to the gills. I took a nighttime walk after the gig, breathed in the post-midnight air, and thought about Buk at window and the track bar. A special moment. We have his brilliant musings to remember it all by.
I wouldn't have used Hank's actual reading. The film on its own was really well done. The combo of the film and VoiceOver dilutes things and is more like spoon-feeding. But nicely shot, and a definite cut above the usual. Certainly better than Factotum:p

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