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I'm reading at the Salem (Oregon) Book Bin this coming Friday, January 25th, at 7:00 PM, followed by an open mike. Here's a link to an announcement in today's Statesman Journal newspaper. I must have mumbled when I spelled "Bukowski" for the reporter. Sadly, the on-line version of this notice does not include the photo that is in the print edition, of the cover of my novel "Death At The Flea Circus," published by our own Bill Roberts and his Bottle of Smoke Press. I'll have copies of the novel, the Spit Book, and a few of my poetry chapbooks for sale at the reading. Hope to see some of you Portland people there (although I confess I probably wouldn't drive all the way to Salem to see some guy read for 20 minutes.)
Thanks anyway, guys. They are predicting snow around here for the next few days so I may not feel like going myself, but I'll be there. I better get serious about selecting what I'll read. I made a first cut but it's about a half hour's worth, and I'm reading for 20 minutes. That is plenty long enough. I'll have copies of Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face (4th ed.) and Buk At Big L.A. Poetry Blowout for sale cheap for any Vukowski fans with time and money to burn on a cold night in the Northwest.
Both the Book Bin and David are good people.

They won't kidnap you, tie you up, or attempt to toss you in a wood chipper.

The poetry is just a bonus!

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