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I was reading the latest issue of Modern Painters, and near the front was a little article on Chris Tucci's upcoming graphic novel, The Doorman.

the drawing that accompanied the article was Chinaski in Room 206 of Hotel Canterbury.

click here to see the pic and read the article.
thanks Hooch,

He drew suspenders on Buk. Did he ever wear them?

He actually did, in the picture where he is laying in a grave.
I did a quick search to find out more about Tucci and his art and his possible Bukowski influences, but came up with bupkis.

but I like the drawing and will check out the graphic novel.
Black Swan - I don't think he drew Buk wearing suspenders. It looks like an unbuttoned, short-sleeve dress shirt to me.

Or maybe I need new glasses..... 50/50....
I too would say, these are suspenders. I know of more photos where Buk wears them.


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[...] why anyone would wear suspenders with their boxer shorts. [...]

That's a valid point! You're right!

Still it LOOKS like they're supposed to be suspenders.
Maybe the drawer didn't think as far as you did.


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the article states Room 206, not 209 (but is dated 2009). Not to be picky or anything, but which is correct?

Also, as an aside, cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas also wrote a great novel called The Doorman. Pointless association, but I thought I'd mention it.

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