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So how much is true about Bukowski that was portrayed by Chinaski? I saw a little bit of this in the thread in the Spotlight forum that was about Bukowski myths but I didn't think that was a good place to ask this. Thanks.
Why is so important? Can't you just enjoy his work and accept it for what it is?

Kids nowadays have no imagination :(

P.S. If you must know, there are biographies, in picture and otherwise, available.


Yes I can, that's why I've never bitched about it before. :p

But no, I am just wondering because I always base what I know about Bukowski on Chinaski and I think I'm making some mistakes. I was also under the assumption that Chinaski was exactly like Bukowski.
Bukowski was a writer.
Chinaski was a fictional character.

Sometimes things that happened to Bukowski happened to Chinaski. Sometimes they were complete fiction and sometimes it was a mix of truth and fiction.

The funny thing is that the only person who knew what the mix was is dead now.

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