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Hello, :)

I wanted to get my husband something really special for christmas, and I was thinking about getting him some sort of really rare buk...something! Im not sure what to get yet but my question was where could find something like this? Maybe a signed first edition? I would really like to find something unusual if possible?

Best! - Lydia
Hi Lydia,
Great idea! First. what is your husband's first name? Are you sure that he is not on this forum?

What is your budget? Also, does he read poetry? Does he read Bukowski or is this something that you know that he would like?

The reason that I ask this is because a great signed book for someone that has a big bukowski collection would be a different book for someone that is new to Buk.

For example, if you think that he would like the novels, and he has no Bukowski books and you are thinnking about something signed, then maybe something like a signed copy of Factotum or Ham on Rye.

Also, I have a couple signed books here that are personalized. If he has a common name like mine (I'm Bill), then you could get lucky and find a signed book that has his name on it.

If you are thinking about getting a signed book and it is on ebay, there is a great chance that it is legit. There are many members that check the listings every day on ebay and rain down hellfire on any forgeries. Also, Black Sparrow PRess made it really easy to verify if an edition is signed with specific things that make forgeries nearly impossible.

As is always the case, please send us a scan of something if you are unsure. We will know with about 99% accuracy if it is legit and when, based on the style of the signature, it was signed.

Your better deals will be on ebay, but you need to get lucky too. From a dealer, a signed First Ed. of one of his standard-release books in fine condition will run you anywhere from about $200 to over $2,000. You should look around at this site if you are considering buying a signed book. There is a repository of signed manuscripts that mjp has put together which will allow you to compare authentic signatures from 1969- to the book you are considering.

Even then, there are some good (and plenty of bad) fakes out there. There is a forum here for posting signed books and folks will give you their yea or nay. Very helpful, but if it's an ebay listing, you've just alerted us all to a signed Buk we may also want. ;) is a great resource for figuring out what is out there, but there are some pricey volumes. I will give you one bit of advice regarding dealers: Jeff Maser bought out a large amount of Black Sparrow a few years back, and he is totally legit. I have three signed books from him, and they are all mint and completely genuine. Google "Jeff Maser Bookseller."

Another option is signed New Year's greetings from Black Sparrow. They are very small, usually printing only one to four poems, but some were signed by Bukowski, and they tend to be a bit cheaper. I have a signed version of "Luck" from 1987, and it's about 4" sqaure, and the signature page includes the drawing of a little man with his flask. You can probably get that for under $200.
I couldn't imagine my wife call herself cookie, but please say his first name is Rob! I promise I wont open this thread again if you do.


stop the penistry
the obvious thing to do is leave a letter to santa, outlining your xmas wishlist, lying in plain view for your wife to *accidentally* find. it seems to work well for kids...
Thanks, I like the personalized idea! Where would I find something like this?
I checked "" and found some great things!

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