What about Christmas?

I know Buk talks about a particular Thanksgiving in Women, but I don't know of any Christmas Stories. Are there any out there?
Not a story but a rather brutally minimalist poem written on Christmas:


sleepy now
at 4 a.m.
I hear the siren
of a white
then a dog
in this tough-boy

I love this for it's Scrooge like sparseness, its lack of sentimentality; you can clearly picture Bukowski sitting in a lone room typing this on his typewriter smoking a cigarette, and possibly polish off a bottle of vino and fall into bed.

Love it.
I remember asking this question last year. One answer was "Merry Christmas" from Mockingbird, a poem about going to watch a Christmas pageant that included his daughter Marina.

And there was a story offered up at Christmastime in Open City and collected in Note. Not really a Christmas story but a line near the end reads "the meek shall inherit the earth". Was that Christmas, or the sermon on the mount?
Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...
We have assumed control.

Thanks, Olaf. That is what I would have expected. I will look into the others, Digby.
One story was about a guy in jail who had written Buk a letter at Christmas time.
I can not remember in which book ,at the moment (unfortunately).
But the guy had told him that someone in the next cell did not like Buk' s punctuation.
Something like that. . .
Anyhow,Buk replied and typed the shape of a christmas tree with comas, and asked him if he'd like that!
There might be mention of X-Mas in The Day it Snowed in L.A. Not sure; I don't own it and I can't seem to find it in any other publication (although I'll swear I've read it somewhere).

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