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Just heard today about a proposed Chicago ordinance that would impose costly license fees for music/arts performance spaces that seat less than
500. This looks like an easy way for the city to grab some money from the local arts scene under the pretense of "safety and regulation". What pisses me off is the Mayor and City Council kept this secret until the last minute. They are set to vote this Wednesday, May 14th WITHOUT ANY PUBLIC DEBATE OR DISCUSSION.

It looks like once again the fix is in and big money will squeeze out the smaller, independent music/theatre promoters. I post this here as a warning that this could happen in other cities with small but successful performance venues. Watch out for The Gubmint. He's hungry and your pocketful of indie/DIY lunch money is in jeopardy.

More details :

Thanks for letting me vent. :mad:
One might wonder why the gummint (kudos to Walt Kelley) needs to rape the little guy when the big guy has such a big, deep asshole; I mean pockets. Oh,'s nice to scrape the sides every now and again, isn't it, wicked Uncle Ernie; I mean Sam?

Perhaps the large venues are paying the "Pirhana Brothers" tax that the little venues are not.

Best of luck beating this (off). OK, all allusitory prose backwatered for now.

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