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I'm not entirely how far this service stretches through out the Nation but I'm curious as to what like minded readers are enjoying on this thing. What movies, TV shows, documentaries or anything in between have you and/or are you enjoying with it? I get bored surfing it so I'm looking for direction some recommendations as to what I might enjoy. Disregard this if it isn't as monstrous as I'm assuming it to be.

I just watched a documentary on HBO called something like "real life superheros" the other day and it was quite entertaining, a little uneasy on the stomach but still a good watch.
I prefer Netflix through our WII. It allows me to watch documentaries that I would never find otherwise.

We have Comcast, but I just hate those fuckers so much that I hate to say anything nice...

i usually go into the "free movies" option, then look through the different catagories and find something random to watch...
Oh I hate Comcast as well! Anytime I have a problem with my service I have to yell at those cock suckers just to make them do their job. I wanted FiOS but it isn't available on my block... I work with a few guys who sell FiOS and they were gonna give me part of their commission just for letting them sign me up. I know that doesn't make sense but I know a few of these guys and they all wanted to sell me so I told them who ever gave me the biggest chunk of their commission I'd let... The Free Movie option sucks, 98% of the movies are 2-3 star ratings at best... not that there aren't any decent movies with low ratings but ya know what I mean. It blows that on top of paying for the cable you have to pay to get the better movies.

Anything good under the "free movies" james, something that maybe stands out in your mind? Where are you from james? bos you aren't too far away, (I'm in Philly) I believe Delaware if I'm not mistaken so it makes sense Comcast has its tentacles wrapped around there.
Yeah, I'm in Dover, Delaware and we have Comcast, although it was just re-branded as Xfinity. You know, when you have a horrible reputation and shit service instead of fixing the problem, it is just easier to change your name...



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I have just one compound, non-word for you: DIRECTV.

You can even get a $100 credit if you use my account number as a referral: 69079610

I only shill for the best.
yeah, but the problem is what to do about internet. We have a package deal, $119 for phone (i have a tween daughter and cannot afford to have her use my cell), cable and internet.


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Ah, see, that's how they fuck you, with those bundles. You become dependent on one service and are hesitant to ditch the others. We gave up some things to go satellite, but they were replaceable, and in the long run it was well worth it. But if you're bundle-fucked, what can you do.
i'm in nashville. re: good free movies, hmmm...can't recall any specific movie titles, but i've found some great 70s b horror movies and kinda campy sleazy tits and ass movies, ya know, things like that...
i used to have the bundle package with the home phone, internet, and cable, but recently cancelled everything but ondemand and channels up to like 100. got one of those little internet 4g card things from verizon, use it at home and work...

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