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If you have netflix you might wanna check out the following show starring Steven Van Zandt:

Sort of "Sopranos goes witness protection in Northern Exposure".

Saw the first episode and had quite a few chuckles.
But then again I understand all the Norwegian in-jokes.
This part of the review also made me chuckle: "...grouching through life in a rules-bound nanny state." :D

If you can make your PC/proxy "look" Norwegian you can see the 2 first episodes for free here:
Lylihammer has less to nothing of The Sopranos but the series is kinda relaxing to watch.
A bit dissapointed because I was hoping it would be "a real" mafia series...

Next week the release of season2 on netflix. Of course I'm going to watch it.
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I'm now watching the first episode of Last Tango In Halifax.

. Last Tango in Halifax stars Derek Jacobi andAnne Reid as two widowed, retired septuagenarians, Alan and Celia were childhood sweethearts apart for 60 years. Re-united via a social networking site, they meet, fall in love and plan to marry. Reid and Jacobi enjoyed having the chance to play out a love story between older people that was not ageist or stereotyped.

I'm getting old and I love it.
Season 2 is only coming now? That's a long time between drinks.

We watched one or two episodes a while back, but maybe The Sopranos was still too fresh in my memory. I couldn't get into it.

Then again, maybe I just couldn't get into the show itself, since I didn't have a problem watching Dexter shortly after Six Feet Under, and Michael Hall's characters couldn't be more different in those two.

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