Out of curiousity... Does anyone like comedy?
My brother's been a stand-up comedian for about 2 years now, and growing up we'd watch a TON of hillarious comedians like Sam Kinison, Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg OLD SKOO Eddie Murphy, etc.

Anyone else have favorite comedians?

does Conan O'Brien count ?

I would like to think he does, but then again he HARDLY did any stand up when he first started out... he's awesome.

Keep Cool my babies! :D

Look up those comedians I mentioned... first Bill Hicks, then Doug Stanhope & Mitch Hedberg. They are GREAT.

Hicks & Hedberg died but Stanhope's still Alive. I'm going to see him pretty soon in LA. I can't wait. :)

I like Lewis Black an awful lot, always been fond of Denis Leary, though he doesn't do much stand-up anymore. I prefer comedians with a social bite/edge. Kinison was also good at that, as was the late George Carlin, who took his cue from Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl.
Mitch Hedberg's second CD "Mitch All Together" is great. Some of his other stuff (including the DVD that accompanies said CD) suffered greatly from the junk.

Steven Wright is excellent.

But my favorites are Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones from "Alas, Smith and Jones." Not stand-up comedians, but Britain's finest couple of idiots who know everything and idiots who no nothing. Absolutely Brilliant.

Of course, Python is a bunch of comedians now too. They've done a few funny things in their day, don't you know.


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I like Bill Maher. You can see one of his stand-up shows on Youtube - all of it!

"Robin Williams - Live On Broadway" is very funny too. - Both Maher and Williams have a great social edge to their stand-up shows...
mark gonzales the legendary skateboarder??????

check out zack galifianakis sometime. he's one of my newer favorites. also david cross.

and yep, mitch hedberg was great!


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I liked Stephen Wright's stuff.
Didn't Buk make some positive remark about Rodney Dangerfield?
NBC is airing the first Saturday Night Live this week (tonight) -- with George Carlin as host (1975). They say he is doing 3 monologues.


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Conan O'Brien??
He was always a good sleeping pill when I watched his show in America.
Boring stuff.
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Mitch Hedberg and Stephen Wright are two of my all time favorites. I also love Lewis Black and Steven Colbert. Janeane Garofalo was funny before she got all hippy righteous.


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Garofalo has always been self-righteous and misanthropic. In case you hadn't noticed, that's what makes for a good comedian. Everyone is mourning the loss of Carlin and there wasn't a more misanthropic person on earth (with the possible exception of Mark Twain).

Whaddaya want man, knock knock jokes?!

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Steven Wright
Sandra Bernhardt
Judy Tenuta
Andy Kaufman
Louis CK
Chris Rock
Ellen Degeneres
Dave Chapelle
Emo Philips
Sarah Silverman
Margaret Cho
Lewis Black
Laura Kightlinger
Redd Foxx
Richard Pryor
Steve Martin
How could I have forgotten Sarah Silverman? I just watched her on The Comedians of Comedy. I love that woman. Her T.V. show is pure genius. I also have a thing for Tina Fay.


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I love this exchange between Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel [video not available].
How could I have forgotten Sarah Silverman? I just watched her on The Comedians of Comedy. I love that woman. Her T.V. show is pure genius. I also have a thing for Tina Fay.

I only saw one episode of her show, but it was the one where she gets caught licking her dog's asshole (because she wants to know why he keeps doing it).

I seem to remember her having to knock on her neighbors doors and notify them that she is a sex deviant.

Sick and funny as hell.


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Billy Connolly
Dudley Cook and Peter Moore (Derek and Clive) . . .

Generally speaking, humor over the pond is ten
years ahead of American humor.

An American guy by the name of James Inman

Mort Sahl helped change Comedy forever.
When Lenny Bruce first saw Mort, Lenny was
wearing a tuxedo, and doing impressions, and
mother-in-law jokes.

Arguably, more than anyone else, Mort Sahl
changed the face of American Comedy, and made it
what it is today. I have great deal of respect for
Mort Sahl.

I like Ron Shock, one of the original Texas
Outlaws who rode with Kinison, Hicks, and the rest.

I can't believe no one has said Bill Cosby.
Old now, and a sell out, perhaps, but Bill in his
prime had it. I think he still does. Call me

Rich Hall is disturbingly funny.
Tom Green
Joe Rogan as a comedian is amazing.
John show me the buffett Pinette

And another guy you may not know about, Jim Norton
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