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zoom man

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Hey guys,
I'm looking into selling some (all, really) of my comic collections on e-bay,
(I'm not selling anymore Buk for awhile->
Right now,
It's a buyers market there, not a sellers).
And have been researching a bit there,...

What does the CGC rating stand for, and how do you go about getting one?
Yeah, I know I could google it....
But I just felt like starting a new thread :)

BTW, anyone here used to, or still does,
Collect comics?
It'd be interesting to know what comics BUK nuts liked.....

I LOVED DC's House of Mystery (that's what I'm looking to sell now, so I can afford some of the Buk auctions going on ;) )

there i said it. but i'm horribly disillusioned with wendy right now.
apart from that it's the usual run-o-th'-mill

and things like that. never got into superheros or that genre.
i also enjoy the work of lucy knisley very much.
zoom man said:
Hey guys...
CGC rates your comic book and seal it in a plastic casing. You pay for it therefore you only do it with expensive comic books! They are considered "official" raters of expensive comic books.
I used to collect myself and still does somewhat. I still have lots of comics such as Crumb, Will Eisner, Carl Barks, Gerry Trudeau (Doonesbury) and so on. I especially like comics with social satire.


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