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I was just wondering if anyone knows any helpful sources, books and such things, for learning the basics about programming, cybersecurity, hacking and/or other things like that. I've grown more interested in the past few months with regards to these things, specially cybersecurity which sometimes has me a bit paranoid (probably since I have to use Zoom for online work). I've been using the internet since I was about six and I know most of the basic advice for staying safe on the internet. I don't use the same password more than once or twice, I have my antivirus software installed, etc. Hell, I just made the switch from Chrome to Firefox (except for when using gmail) and I'm thinking about using Duck Duck Go for unimportant web searches. I've also been taught a little about code in the past and I'm of course familiar with all the awful things that can happen on the internet like phishing or doxing.

Yet, despite all of this, it's kind of like the deal with food: we eat a lot of things everyday, but most of the time we don't know where they come from or how they were made. In this case, it would be that I use the internet daily, but I'm not really familiar how it all works. I also don't have any tech savvy friends or relatives who could help. Now I'm not planning on working on cybersecurity, creating the next big Silicon Valley webpage or hacking into government secrets. I just want to know a little bit of everything so I'm not as computer illiterate as I am right now. A Jack of all trades, if you will.
"Programming" and "hacking" (in the way I think you mean it) are very broad subjects. And both require all of your time to learn. So if you enjoy life, I wouldn't recommend becoming involved with either of them. Unless the goal is a job or a project.

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