crappy looking store named "Bukowski" in tokyo (1 Viewer)

I wonder if Paul Liu has anything to do with this (?)

The current Japanese culture calls for everything to brought down to the level of consumer item. Sad.
Hahaha, you're right.

Japan it's for me the most strange country in this world. They have a great culture and history near the crappy pop-culture, giga-robots and manga (i really don't like manga, I prefer more American comics)
Much prefer the likes of Frank Miller.

I like Miller too, but not in Batman series. More on "Sin City" (after movie it's his most popular comic book right to the "300"). I also like Robert Crumb (Fritz was great) and Will Eisner.
Hmmm, this postr reminded me, there is a Pub in Glasgow (near Charing Cross) that is called CHINASKI, and it has big poster frames of Bukwoski with 'that' whore and various other pictures and drawings of Bukowski. The interior is actually very plush and the menu is quite a pretty few pennies.

I have never went for a drink there.
I might cringe too much.

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