Looking for Bukowski in San Pedro (1 Viewer)

They seem to have their facts mixed up.

If anyone is ever in San Pedro and they want to go see a place where Bukowski really did go very, very often, duck into Senfuku on 6th street for some Japanese food. They ate there more than anyplace else in town. If your timing and luck are right you'll find Linda there, as she still has dinner there once a week or so.

You can also stop at the post office on Beacon street and go touch box 132. He was there every couple of days.

If you get thirsty, stop at any bar (there are many) and they will gladly tell you tales of when Bukowski drank there. The tales are all lies, but you can pretend for a while. After all, you are in San Pedro, and it's a magical place! You know, in spots.
I'd rather touch box 132 once than watching this video again.

But thanks anyway, Ponder! You have dug a lot of these videos on the web lately. On a treasure hunt?

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