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Alex: How about Bukowski? Do you think he did that?
Crumb: Uh-uh. No. Bukowski appealed to a certain kind of woman. Some type of crazy women. But, I don't think he set out to be seductive to women. Not at all. He was as surprised as anybody that his writing started to get him laid by attractive women after he began to acquire some fame.

I don't know about that.

I think just about every letter Bukowski wrote to a woman was meant to be seductive. That's just the feeling I get from reading his letters to women vs. those to men. I've commented on it before around here somewhere. Maybe that's just me reading something into them, but I think the difference is quite noticeable.


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I don't think Crumb ever read Bukowski's letters to women or even knew him that well. I think Crumb sees Bukowski like he sees himself, as a guy who did'nt have much luck with women till he became famous, but without knowing much about Bukowski's actual life.

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zero if he didn't own it. which i'm pretty sure he didn't.