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Thanks for the Database - Here's a little something for the community.

Hey mjp, I have to say thanks too.
I have been using your database for several years now... its a great resource.

I don't know if anyone uses Firefox Mozilla web browser for Windows, but as I do, I developed a Search plugin for the Database, which I've just updated. If anyone should like to try it I have zipped the necessary files and attached them to this post.
There are 3 files in the archive: the search script (its just a bit of html code) the search icon (a png based on an example of Bukowski's signature) and a text doc to explain where to put the files.

As I have updated the code to match the new search URL, I have also uploaded the new version to Mycroft.Mozdev.Org, so it will be generally available from:

Hope its useful to someone.


PS: This Software is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either
express or implied - so its up to you!

EDIT: Last updated 18 July 2010
Ha ha - nice! Thanks for doing that, I'll definitely use it too. I went to mozdev and 'judged' it working perfectly, so there's one vote in your favor.
Upgrading Firefox

I just upgraded to Firefox Great except that it deleted all my previously installed Search Plugins :(

So if you plan to upgrade and have a few installed plugins, save yourself some time by backing up the plugins folder

Its usually found in :
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
I noticed that when I upgraded.

When I swap out to the new database I'm afraid it's going to break your search though, because the main search file won't be random.php anymore. Anyway, that's off in the future a bit, and I'll let you know before I make the change. Don't the search plugins auto update?
If you just let me know the new URL then it should work more or less the same. Obviously, it'll just be a simple search and not have any features that you are incorporating into the new DB but it should work (hope hope).

Once the files are updated on the Mycroft site, they'll spawn automatically to anyone using the existing plugin and auto update them I think.
Okay, I'll let you know when the new db/search comes online. It should be able to do the same search by default, but the filename will be different, that's all. Database OpenSearch Plugin - Version 2

Hi all

For me at least the original search plugin has stopped working.
I'm now using the Mozilla Firefox v2 browser.

So I have re-written the plugin to use the A9 OpenSearch method used with Firefox 2 (and I think IE7) and this is working fine for me.

I have uploaded the new version to Mycroft. The new version has Bukowski's face as the icon, whereas the old one has the 'Buk' icon.

If you can't install, and need to remove the old version, try this guide:

If you have Firefox 2, you can click Manage Search Engines from the bottom of the list of installed plugins (top right of your browser).

If the old one's still ok for you then leave it alone :)

BTW - This Software is STILL provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either express or implied - so its STILL up to you!

Download the new OpenSearch plugin

The old (broken) sherlock version is here.

Also, if anyone uses IE7 and finds it does install and work, please let me know. (it doesn't :) )

mjp said:
In the never ending battle between good and evil, we make one small step toward the good tonight, as I have completed phase I of the database update.

Anyone using the old Firefox search plug in will need an update. You must remove the old version first.

The new one is currently the second result here.
(It has the blue question mark and a green N symbol next to it as shown below)

NB: This plug-in performs the loose match search function.

PS: Updating this plug-in was EASY. Replacing the already awesome database with a bigger and better and uncut (no not Southpark style) one is HARD WORK. Thanks mjp.
Works without quirks!
Nice, and sort of Buk-nerdy...

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