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mjp, and other contributors to this database:
this is fantastic work! Incredible tool for studying and appreciating Buk's work. Thanks.

How does it work? Are all these mss in some private ownership? (yours?) If anyone owns such a ms they can get it added by sending a scan?
[...] How does it work? [...] If anyone owns such a ms they can get it added by sending a scan?
Hi (Victor) Hug,
the scans of manuscripts have been gathered from wherever they were available through many years.

if you own manuscripts and are willing to share, just scan and post them here. They'll be appreciated.

mjp is a bit behind the schedule concerning including into the database. So, if you're after instant results (praise for your contributions), you may post here directly. Otherwise just send to the Master and wait.
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mjp is a bit behind the schedule concerning including into the database.
Well, I was "only" 500 or so manuscripts behind until @Dora dropped over 2,000 new images on me. So I think you can throw the schedule (which is a nice euphemism for absolutely no schedule) out the window.

Having said that, yes, of course everyone is always encouraged to post their manuscripts here. Check the manuscripts page first though. We may already have whatever you're considering posting.


The problem with the database is every entry in there requires a manual entry into multiple tables. A really smart guy would build some kind of tool to make the job easier, but life is sometimes too short to be smart. If a manuscript is being added it's worse, since the images have to be normalized so they more or less fit in with what's already there (combined, cropped, adjusted, etc.), and they also have to be added to the manuscripts pages (there are three of them) as well as the database, so that increases the time it takes to make a single entry.

Look at it this way, when I sit down and concentrate strictly on adding manuscripts to the database/site I can do about 5 an hour (and I can't actually sit down to do it, since I work at a standing desk). So to completely finish with everything here in the backlog is going to take roughly 300 hours.

As it is right now I put zero hours into it every week, so I leave you to do the math to figure out how long it will be before the backlog is clear. ;)

There's a reason that institutions pay people to do this shit. It's tedious and miserable work, so no one in their right mind would do it for free. I guess that's where I come in.

(I see that I complained about all of this on the previous page of this thread, so just count this as bonus complaining.)
Is there a way to put them in a secure site with strict rules so we could help and not fuck it up??
You know the same way people are trying to find life beyond Mars in a Carl Sagan kind of way


adding manuscripts... It's tedious and miserable work, so no one in their right mind would do it for free.
I can't stop thanking God for you (and some other people here) not being in your right mind.
a billion, you wonderful lunatic(s)!!!
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There might be some doubles, especially with the Los Angeles manuscripts I sent you. You might have more new stuff with the Santa Barbara tapuscripts.
I wish I could help more but, talking of institutions, I´m not even paid to write my dissertation, which is kind of behind schedule as well, ha!


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I'll fix that.

Funny, the Black Sparrow broadside says:

not to many hangovers
not to many fights with women
not to many flat tires

which makes it seem like Bukowski didn't know the difference between too and to. But clearly he did know the difference. Though someone at BSP didn't.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Come on MJP, it was obviously those lazy, druken pressmen who screwed up, not the editor...He'd never change a word...
just discovered that it seems, our database is missing 'THE EARTH ROSE' (1966) aka 'FUCK HATE'.


and another thing -
THIS can't be the correct date for the manuscript since it appeared in the book in 1990:



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just discovered that it seems, our database is missing 'THE EARTH ROSE' (1966) aka 'FUCK HATE'.
What's in that?

and another thing - THIS can't be the correct date for the manuscript since it appeared in the book in 1990:
Probably a typo for 1984, but it's undated.

Funny, in that poem he talks about typing on the Olympia for 14 years, which is about twice as long as he actually used it. He needs to check the timeline when he types that shit.

I just made some changes to the queries/results on those pages to make use of the the circa dates. There's something else I want to do, but I should probably go to work at some point this morning (and do it there).


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Lest anyone believe the database is a dead and dusty remnant of the past, I just added 42 new magazine entries, 82 magazine appearances, 36 new titles (none of which appear in collections) and 18 manuscripts. So things are always happening. Have no doubt. I add something to it every few days.

I can't list all those additions for you, because I didn't keep a list. If I was smart I'd figure out a query that could show us the most recent additions in all the different categories, but I'm not, so it's unlikely that we'll ever have that.

I can show you the 36 new titles though:

The Girl Outside Of Strawberry Patch # One - 1975
A Poem To Myself - 1974
Ho Chi Minh - 1967
Propaganda - 1967
Dirge - 1971
The Powerful Way Of Mystery Is Li(k)e A Glad(io)la Bl(oo)***ing - 1961
Primer For Students Of Love - 1961
Till Eulenspiegel And Me - 1961
6x9 - 1961
Milk A Cow And Get Milk - 1976
Nava, And Life - 1975
I Need And I Demand - 1977
After The Party - 1971
I Found This Atomic Stockpile - 1971
Engraving Found Upon The Back Of A Bill Sent To Me By The Southern California Gas Company, Oct. 12th, 1971 - 1971
A Harder Knocker - 1972
Pop Pop Pop - 1972
The Places A Poem Can Take You - 1973
Rip-off - 1976
Directions, Instructions, And Signs To The Indolent, The Bored, And The Insufficient - 1974
Arena - 1966
I'd Like A Mermaid - 1975
Ask The Butterfly - 1976
There Are Demons In All Our Heavens - 1972
The Glass Fly - 1972
Notes Upon Reading The Christian Science Monitor - 1972
The Movie - 1972
He Learned It From Gertie - 1972
There Was Once A Woman Who Put Her Head Into An Oven That I Could Have Kissed With The Most Ultimate Love Possible - 1976
Dim Love Down Low - 1981
The Way - 1978
Upon Our Location - 1986
The Dream, The Dream, The Dream - 1986
Dear Old Dad - 1986
Modern Age Insomnia - 1985
Poem To A Man In Jail - 1972


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I was pretty sure they were added to the manuscripts page too. That page was updated on May 22nd. But now when I do a count from that page and a count on the manuscripts in the db there's a discrepancy, so I'll update the manuscript pages just to be sure.


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Someone who shall remain nameless (Pogue Mahone), pointed out that the page that displays the books chronologically wasn't exactly accurate.

It wasn't accurate because the database only knew the year a book was published, not the month, or the exact date. So when multiple books from the same year were listed, they were listed alphabetically, rather that in the order they were published.

I won't bore you with the gory details, but that's fixed now.

There are some things that had to be "ball parked." For some publication dates all we have are seasons, like "summer," so I kind of arbitrarily assigned August 1st to anything that was "summer," "spring" is April 1st, etc. I used December 1st for anything that we only had a year for (that way they are listed last for that year). It's imperfect, but it's better than it was.


Oh yeah, I'm also going to add Barfly and the letters books, and I removed 4 poets, since that wasn't a Bukowski book.


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It's in there...

But I don't really understand the Earth Rose post. You show what I assume is an inside page with True story, then a separate True story page?

The pictures that show the cover are folded twice, the pic that shows the inside is folded three times...maybe I'm an idiot, but I don't know what I'm looking at.


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There were 265 broken forum links in the database (pointing to the old domain), they've all been fixed.

I also added back 22 links (and restored the threads they pointed to) related to the New Censorship issues that the publisher previously asked to have removed (and then immediately said I could put back - which was what I think the kids call a "dick-waving" episode).
Thanks for the links to the New Censorship. Yesterday I read the poem 'Nobody but you' (in Sunlight Here I Am), checked the database but couldn't find a link. Now I can. The poem in Sunlight is, no surprise, a completely fucked up version of the magazine appearance from 1992, later published in one of the posthumous editions. To which Sunlight referred to. With "warmest thanks to John Martin". Well, that was back in 2003.
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