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"bound in paste paper" meaning the paste paper makes the end pages or the cover? I ask because that image above doesn't appear to have a paste paper-looking cover.
My apologies. I misspoke. The paste paper is on the spine. The cover is the same as are the insides. The only difference is that instead of a red cloth spine, I used a black and brown paste paper spine.

Ah, well see, there you go. Now the spine does indeed look like paste paper! Nice work. Just when you think you've seen all of BOSP's tricks...
Bill's scan doesn't do the paste paper justice; it's a beautiful shade of brown, very fine looking. When you say you made the paper Bill, did you print the design on it yourself, or did you merely coat a preprinted paper with paste for binding? That's a term I haven't heard before: paste paper.
Paste paper is paper painted with paint mixed with paste (wallpaper is a good example). The sheet starts out white. You put it in a bath of water. Then you put it on a piece of plexiglass. You then put down a coat of the paste-paint. Once you have good coverage, you can then drag combs through it, use blocks, fingers, etc.

My favorite method is to cover the paper with one color, then put another cover immediately over that one. Then when you use the implements, the bottom color shows through.

For this paste paper, I used a light brown base and then a black topcoat. I used a faux finishing comb and a rubber stamp of a leaf.

The whole page (about 30x18") took me about 3 minutes to make. You have to work somewhat fast as the paste wants to soak into the paper and dry.

This was some paste paper made by my friends Ray & Jill that was used for the cover of the Ginsberg letter that I printed for Sore Dove. Ray & Jill also did all of the binding. I printed the black piece on the cover.


Hey Bill: Can't wait to get mine. I've been travelling for work and then moving, so hopefully it will be waiting for me tomorrow.

As for the Ginsberg cover, were they all different? Here's my copy:

Yes, they were all hand painted by Ray Nichols and Jill Cypher (although I believe that most of the pages that we used were Jill's).

With paste paper, you can try to get the same look, but it is impossible. The one that PS has looks like the base color was red and aqua and the gold was laid on top and then combed. The other one shown is one of my copies.

All copies of that book were different.

Paste paper is pretty cool stuff....


thanks for the insight into your method (and madness?). It looks beautiful. And congrats David on what I'm sure is an impressive inside as well.
That paper is painted?!?!?!? I gotta take another look at it. I never would have guessed that it wasn't printed. Beautiful stuff.

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