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Yeah Bottle of Smoke will some day have all my money... Just ordered one of these and one each of Hitched and Poem For A Festival...

Maybe next week I'll REALLY go for broke and order some of those Bottle sets... Thanks Bill... David...
I figured it out and Bill does not sleep. When he's not at his job or being a good dad and husband, he's printing and binding books. He may not eat, either. I don't think there's time for that. That's the only way he could make all this stuff happen. There are only so many hours in a day.
I am currently interviewing people to sleep for me. That will free up the other 5 or 6 hours a night.

Interested parties can apply via e-mail.

I already turned it over the the Delaware vice squad. People have been gunning for you for years, pardner. I like you, of course, but Drowningboy offered me too much money to press ahead. In the end, I may be the WHORE, but what the hell? Of course, this only means that you cannot set foot in Delaware as the prostitution warrant will be valid, but we are a blip on the map anyway!


So, how did the postcards turn out? I know the clamshells will be beautiful. I imagine my copies will be arriving soon, right, Bill? I do get copies, don't I? Or are you going to keep me chained to this desk forever, endlessly cranking out portraits of Bukowski, never seeing the fruits of my labors?

Just kidding. I know you'll send me a bunch of postcards.
Right and tight is something we used to say in the reggae band when everything was going well and the music was flowing like the old pre-Army Corp of Engineers Mississippi river! It means: very good.
Wow. Mine came today. The clamshell is incredible. Bill printed the line drawing right onto the golden rod cloth, and it turned out fantastic, very fine detail, pressed into the cloth. Amazing. The clamshell box itself is wonderful, beautifully made. And the cards themselves -- perfect rich color, fine detail -- the watercolors look like they're still wet! It's like getting the originals back. Great job, Bill. Very cool production. I am honored to have my art showcased like this. Thanks.
got mine today.
stunning. very pretty. not flowers and butterflies pretty, but Muhammad Ali pretty.
Got mine too. I think it's the best clamshell Bill's made yet because of the Buk drawing pressed into the cloth, and the title pressed into the cloth on the spine. Very detailed and precise work.
The cards looks great too. The colors match the originals quite well.
I also got a regular set, and I was impressed by the nice blue envelope with a print of the Buk drawing and the title on the front, and as the icing on the cake, there was a card inside also with the Buk drawing and the title.
Well done, Bill!
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