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Dear Mr. Bukowski (1 Viewer)

Very colorful item. Not seen often. Big price for a reprint, huh? There was a copy on eBay not long ago. I didn't see what it went for.
They're very funny, these silk screens. They read almost like a comic book.
Some of them would look nice framed and hanging on the wall - or the toilet...:D
I've printed some of them out. They almost fill out the paper without showing any pixels. A cheap way to get some Buk art on the wall...
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The price is a scandal!
I don't know how many of these are still at stock at Maro, but only a few years ago, Benno just slipped one of them in an envelope to me, together with other little things. Sure, he is a generous guy, but wouldn't do so with a really rare item, I suppose.
Well, there were supposedly only about 100 printed. I paid $50 for a signed copy, and that was over 15 years ago. They don't often surface for sale.
Wow chronic, score!
The benefits of being old. ;)
I bought mine around 10 years ago (unsigned) and paid $200 for it.

And yeah, I don't see them come up that often - there's only 3 on ABE now; $360, $400 and $450.
ok, but all these prices occure for original BSP-items, right?
At Powells.com they offer only the reprint by Maro (unlimited and of course unsigned). That's the one I got too.
Nope, this is for the reprint. The original was a larger format and came in an orange envelope with a silk ribbon tie. There were only 50 issued. I've never even seen one of these. I got mine from Red in Hollywood which is why it's signed.
o.k., back from being funny. Being useful instead:
the pics you find at http://www.rossrunfola.com/bukowskiimages/silkscreens.htm
lack the question to Bukowski. You wouldn't get the meaning of his 'chicken-and-rice'-sentence at the end without.
(not to mention the whole reason for these paintings at all.)
I attached it here.

Crappy picture, but I love Dear Mr. Bukowski. Yes, the original is truly special, but the reprint also rocks.

They look beautiful hanging on the wall like this! I've been thinking about doing it with the pics from the Runfola site. Of course, nothing beats the originals...you lucky devil...:)
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Crappy picture, but I love Dear Mr. Bukowski. Yes, the original is truly special, but the reprint also rocks.

Does anyone have a clear image of the orange envelop/cover for the original printing? I've never seen it, other than possibly the copy I saw, and couldn't afford, at Red's years ago. I don't recall what color that was.
Crappy pic of envelope

Sorry for the poor quality. I'd say the colors around the edges (out of the flash's way) appear truest on my shitty laptop screen.
From the pic I'd guess that the colour is much like the cover to Burning In Water Drowning In Flame, is that fair? Was the ribbon wrapped around it somehow? (I'm not about to bootleg it btw lol)
Dear Mr. Buk

Burning in Water color sounds about right, I'd say Dear Mr. Buk is a bit darker. Don't have a copy of BIW here (though I have 3 copies of the original Dear Mr. Bukowski - as I have bought copies whenever possible of this, one of my favorite "collectibles". I really don't collect any books for keeps - read alot of course - but prefer to keep things I can hang on the wall). Thankfully, all but the completists tend to have their idiosyncracies. Can you imagine what prices would be if we all wanted the same thing with the same degree of passion?

As for the ribbon, it is silk (I believe), a deeper color (Krumhansl says brown), textured with short equal lines across its length, and is threaded through the flap of the envelope. The tie wraps vertically around the envelope and is lengthy enough to secure the envelope in a bow, knot, whatever.
I bought mine around 10 years ago (unsigned) and paid $200 for it.

And yeah, I don't see them come up that often - there's only 3 on ABE now; $360, $400 and $450.
o.k., kids, I've just talked with Benno. Seems he still has some of them and would agree to sell for a fair price.
(I'd ask him for 200,- USD and am pretty sure, he'll do it. - no honorarium for me, except the satisfaction of bringing people together!)
Anybody interested?
Here come the silent guys with the Real stuff! You're a Lucky little one having them!
Wow! This collection on the wall looks great! I have only scans, nice story, funny publication :)
I saw it on eBay but i don't remember the price (but, of course, it was high price).
Vicarious -- thanks for the close up photo of the orange envelop. Your approach to collecting makes sense. Trying to have it all only works if you are rich and completely obsessed. But picking out a few items with special appeal and focusing on those -- that's something anyone could handle.

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