Did I ever show you guys my uncorrected proof of Hollywood? (1 Viewer)

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Lolita Twist

A gift from the former Mr. G. I kept it. :)

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I saw this Did I ever show you guys my... and I thought, Oh fiddly diddly....then I see uncorrected proof of Hollywood? Ahhh, it's a book, a lovely book.
Uhh, yeah. I thought it was worth posting because I picked it up in East Bumblefuck, in a bookstore (independent) that I forget the name of, and it cost the former Mr. G a rent payment... isn't that rare? An uncorrected proof? I have no idea you see, I'm no collector, just an avid fan/reader. I thought it was cool, anyhow. It still has all the typos in it.
I paid $50 for mine about two-three years ago (mine has a slight wrinkling to the cover). Skyline/Sweet Books has an "as new" one right now for $100.

But it is cool.
Mmm, no, it wasn't. I don't remember how much it was but it was a three-digit number. Maybe he got fucked. Served him well because he never wanted to fuck me ;)
don't be bashful.

i asked Anyone by the way and he said he hadn't fucked you yet, so he couldn't comment.
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