Do you think you'd of got along with Buk? (1 Viewer)

I have known a lot of drunks in the past(and unfortunately still do)...REALLY bad, nasty, belligerent 'I put out my cigarettes on your hard wood floor and I'll start flirting with your girlfriend and start fights with your friends' type of drunks...

Sounds like you're hanging with the crowd that I used to hang out with.
I'm not friends with most of those people anymore since it was always a 24/7 prime time drinking drama with them(and to be fair, me as well), and it always usually involved innocent bystanders in someway after awhile. So, right now, I have a select few good people that can manage to drink and have a good time and NOT start acting like a bunch of drunk frat boys. Very refreshing.

Now..if Buk ever had a penchant for Karaoke, then, quite possibly, that might be another story..

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