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I read that Amazon sold grocery items and I couldn't believe it, so I just searched "groceries" and there it was on the first page. Go figure.

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You can drop one of those in a mushroom cap. Cover with garlic butter, top it with a tasty grated cheese and black pepper. Grill and voilà!
One of the best escargot preparations I've ever had (I order them whenever I can, which may be once every year or two) was this asparagus mousse dotted with escargots and surrounded by a picket fence of alternating white and green asparagus tips.

I can only guess that those escargots did not come from a can. :D


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It seems you can find almost anything on Amazon nowadays. It's funny, how on the snails page listed, you can even sign up to have them delivered at your choice of frequency.

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Those butterblondes wouldn't touch those buttery snails with their ten foot long metal flake vinyl nails. They are most likely too fattening. :)

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You misunderstood. They would go with as in the other course.

I did go to a big dinner party for work and one of my coworkers very young wife was consuming mass quantities of snails but she didn't have ten foot long metal flake vinyl nails. Maybe she wasn't so buttery either. But she was definitely his trophy young blond.
Years ago a guy at work had snails in a squeeze tube,(yes like tooth paste), that he had bought on clearance from IKEA. He went home early that day.

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