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Hi. I have recently purchaced a Limited ed (one of 500) HC of S, Stew. The spine cloth is blue and the signature looks good (as original as my others anyhow) however, the red numbering looks different to the others. Not as curved in its presentation. So different infact that a fraudster wouldn't have done such a bad job of copying Mr Martins work. Tell me; did Buk ever number any of the books himself? Thanks.

ps. Anyone ever go to Bukowski's in Boston? Any good? The only bar I ever went to anything like the vibe that Buk gives in his books was The Buffet Bar in Tucson..a truely wild couple of days..better than the subsequent trip to Mexico.

Lovin' it, Tone. Portsmouth, England.
Hello Toon UK;
If it is blue cloth and the signature looks decent it is probably real. Bukowski never numbered his own books to my knowledge. I believe that Barbara Martin was the one who numbered.

Can you send a scan of the colophon page w. signature?

follow up. The writing in mine is indeed different from others. It looks like Barbara did not number these. They could have been numbered by a binder or even by John Martin, but you are right, this does not look like they usually do. Still, if yours looks like mine, I wuld be comfortable sayig that it is real...



My copy of S. Stew is lettered 'S' and the 'S' looks like a person on their deathbed wrote it.
It is a regular 'S' but it is clear that the pen paused on its snake-like journey at least 15 times.
Amongst all my books, it is the only one thus.
i have a non-bukowski black sparrow book that's letter "J" and the J looks really crooked and weird... kind of like what you're talking about. maybe barbara martin lettered one copy of each book with the pen in her mouth or something.
maybe barbara martin lettered one copy of each book with the pen in her mouth or something.
She did.

It's a little known fact that the letters in the lettered copies were done with her feet, and that is why they are so expensive.

I won't even go into how she wrote "Author's copy"...
Fascinating thread for us nerd types. Maybe being allowed to number the limited edition of STEW was a special honor bestowed upon one of Martin's friends or customers, or maybe it was given to whoever happened to be available.
Anyone ever go to Bukowski's in Boston? Any good?

It's been a few years since I went to the one in Boston, and it was very average - not much real Buikowski feel, and it certainly is no dive. There is a second location that opened up a few years after the Boston location (which is over by Berklee Performance Center). This one is in Cambridge on Cambridge Street in Inman Square.

The ex-wife and I used to go there fairly regularly, but it got obnoxious, with loud music and people, and all that crap Buk would've hated (well, there WAS a very cute bartender with nice assets...). There is a fairly nice Buk-related mural on the wall however, but that's about it.

It has changed ownership, and the music has been toned down, but it's still basically a hamburger joint/bar, but they make an excellent Bloody Mary, and it's only about a quarter mile from my place.

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