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If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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This may be old news to you, but what the heck.
Found the following site with MP3s of all of Dylan's radio programs.
Good good stuff.
In program nr. 18 he reads a bit of Bukowski's "a radio with guts".
What does he call him in the last comment? Deaf poet?
Oh, and in the same program he reads a Brecht-poem.
Go figure...
right here: http://patrickcrosley.com/?q=node/90
Deaf poet?
Dang. There's a slang word that passed me by.
But suddenly it dawned on me:
1.def175 up, 32 downdef /def/ adj. to describe a person, thing, or event that is cool. iarchaic, circa 1981/i
"yo, mah pizzles, I got da hook-up at this def new club. It's suppose ta be off da hizzy"
by Jay Jan 19, 2003 email it
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2.def101 up, 55 downDef ain't short for Deffinitly.

Def means cool, ill, dope. You know.
Yo man Bone Thugs N Harmony are one of the most def groups of all time.
by some polak Sep 17, 2004 email it

3.def44 up, 25 downIt means like terrific or great or excellent
"I bet you were def." ~Fresh Prince Of Bel Air when he's talking to Ashley about her singing. 1st episode

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