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Ebay prices - CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 Viewer)

A hundred bucks? Oh Roni, hell no. $20 maybe. I've given away dozens of xxth printing BSP books to people who show an interest.

People won't even pay $125 for a perfect first edition of Days Run Away. At least the people here. ;)

That book on eBay is not worth more than $20 or $30.
best offer of 15 bucks took it. i guess it never hurts to ask. "150? ehh, how about 15?"


That was me... and I didn't even want the book.

I made an offer of 15USD with the note; "because that's all it's worth!" and got back an apology of sorts...
"I don't do the listings, someone does it for me and your offer is in line with the real value". Sold.
Then he invoices me for the book... plus 15USD for shipping saying he will 'try to reduce shipping and invoice me again'.

Hell, I don't want the book!
I know I'm an asshole, but unless he reduces shipping to 5 - 7USD I don't think he's going to be very happy with me.

It's disingenuous of him to blame someone else for the content and value of his listing then invoice me 15USD shipping when I know it doesn't cost that much to ship.

Is he pretending that reducing the shipping to a realistic level is doing me a favour?
when i sell books overseas, i insist on using a flat rate priority envelope, which costs around $12. so $15 isn't too ridiculous. the thing is, there are cheaper options available, but i've had bad experiences with international buyers who expect their books within a week and then kill your DSR's when they don't get it right away, even though they emailed you and begged you to send it surface because they couldn't afford priority. i make it clear in my listings how expensive international shipping will be, though... not saying it up front and then blindsiding someone with it later kinda sucks.

i just paid 30 euros for a book to ship from germany, and i expect it to show up in a paper envelope with a sticker that says 6E 50 on it, as per normal. i wouldn't mind if it were in a big box with a bunch of padding, but i know it won't be.
I just bought a book from Superbookdeals on Amazon. com and you used to be able to choose between three different ways of shipping (standard-expedited-priority) but now those options are gone, so you can't choose anymore. The email from Amazon said the book would be send standard mail for $12.49, but when the book arrived it said priority mail on the package (priority/Row EU 1).
Another funny thing was that the label on the package said South Bend, In. United States Of America, and next to the label was another label saying Auckland Mail Centre, New Zealand. On top of that, the invoice inside the package said Superbookdeals, Soho, London, UK. - So now I'm confused about how three countries could be involved? I gather that whether it was send from the US or New Zealand, they must've had the invoice saying London, UK there. Still, it's very puzzling...
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what's the method below priority? that's the one i don't use to ship things i sell on ebay anymore. i always thought it was "surface," but maybe it's just first class.
It's called First Class International. It takes a couple of weeks to hit Europe, while a Flat Rate envelope takes 5-7 days only. Unless it's a very light item, in most cases it's cheaper -and faster- to ship via that Flat Rate envelope (up to four pounds if they fit in the envelope, that is).

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