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I had been aware of Bukowski for a while but had somehow managed to resist the pull of his gravity. Then around 10 years ago a woman lent me Love is a Dog from Hell after our first night together. At least I got something out of that relationship other than a bad liver and broken heart. You can make up the rest.

Now I'm here.

After a while standing the shadows furtively chain smoking I thought I'd step up and say, 'Hi, how are you?'
Well, both grave diggers and gravity dodgers are more than welcome here. ;) We look forward to your contributions and questions. Some of the folks here are a true wealth of Buk knowledge.

Father Luke

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Sorry about stealing your woman.


Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Welcome and cheer up. Everything is going to be all right everything is gonna be OK.

Sorry about the bald Bukowski. I find it offensive too.


I think that I think too much
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Sorry about the bald Bukowski. I find it offensive too.

looks a little like shel silverstien (?) you know, the wacky kids ryhmer. (where the sidewalk ends. etc.) I used to read him to my kids, and grand daughter. and didn't I see somewhere a pix of him and Bukowski together?.
The chick was damaged goods from the start. Best thrown to the scrapheap of history.

At least that's the truth I keep trying to convince myself with.

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