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  1. Hey guys. I got here from watching the Showtime series "Californication". I'm not sure about the reaction that will bring, but I enjoyed that show. Anyways for the past few hours I've been reading biographical notes about Bukowski, and nevertheless I've been intrigued. Being a compulsive alcoholic myself, and an aspiring writer, Bukowski's works seem like a logical pit stop. As a welcome gift why don't you good folks give me your opinions on navigating Bukowski's works, or chronological suggestions, may be?

    I very much look forward to thoroughly enjoying this endeavor. Cheers!
  2. Ponder

    Ponder "So fuck Doubleday Doran" Live to Ride ROAD CAPTAIN

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  3. Thanks, Ponder. I mentioned the show at the risk of alienating many members. Well what's done is done.
  4. Ponder

    Ponder "So fuck Doubleday Doran" Live to Ride ROAD CAPTAIN

    Ham On Rye ---- Chinaski (0-20 years old?)
    Factotum ---- Chinaski (early/mid/late 20ties - ?)
    Post Office ----Chinaski (33? - 49)
    Women ---- Chinaski (50-56)
    Hollywood --- Chinaski (early 60ties? - 68?)
  5. Thanks again! Should I start reading them in that same order? I saw a thread where readers suggested waiting on Ham On Rye until you've at least read 2-3 of his other ones, like say, Factotum and Post Office. Suggestions?
  6. Ponder

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    My suggestion for Buk newbies is always to read the novels in the order I typed in my former post. Matter of taste.
  7. Duly noted.
  8. Yet here we all are, and no one murdered yet. What can it mean?
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  9. Don't look in the freezer. Just saying.
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  10. Ponder

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  11. Unrelated question. What's with the SOA references? Looks like you earn the patch with continued persistence in this forum. Right?
  12. hank solo

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    Well some stupid TV is slightly less stupid than other stupid TV. :DD

    In your case I would suggest reading Women - then maybe Hollywood. Somewhere within and between them there's some hint of whatever essence of Bukowski the perpetrators of Californication tried to convey...

    And my other car is another Porsche which also has a broken headlight.
  13. Yes, but it takes quite a bit of persistence. Even to get to Prospect.

    They are there to amuse a few of us (probably only me) and confuse everyone else.
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  14. Yes I gathered that much.
    Prospects and everything. The first nine seem to be ruling this forum. Haha. Good for you.
    Cheers for the Porsche.
    And thanks for the suggestion. I began reading Factotum last night. Enjoying it so far, and I've a feeling it only gets better. I guess I'll then read Women and move on to Hollywood after.
  15. For reference (since I couldn't remember myself), here are the various user titles and when they pop up:

    Prospect - 100 posts
    SAMCRO - 500 posts
    Redwood Original - 1,000 posts
    Road Captain - 2,500 posts
    Men of Mayhem - 5,000 posts
    V. President/Reaper Crew - Moderators. Those people with the green user names, a.k.a. the persuasive enforcers.
    President - Forum admin. You'll have to kill me to get this one. Good luck, you won't be the first to try.
    First 9 - Members who joined in the first month the forum was open, in ye olden days of January, 2006.
    Unholy Ones - This one is only given if/when the time is right. But don't hold your breath. I can't tell you what it means.
    Live To Ride - You don't want this one, it means R.I.P. (in the real, forever sense, not just here).

    So you can see it's a long way from Prospect to SAMCRO. And most don't even make it to Prospect, because it's unusual for people to post 100 times in a forum. You have to be really sick in the head.
  16. haha.. I guess that's true.

    And thanks for the breakdown @mjp
  17. I might make Prospect someday... and then pull a Half Sack and fuck it all up.
  18. You wouldn't be the first.
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  19. skipped maths-class again, mjp?
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  20. Brah, come on - you know the First 9 is a spiritual thing, not a math thing!
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  21. d gray

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    it still rots me that i missed making that by days...
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  22. Well, you tried to do your best, but...
  23. I'm sure you won't be the first.
  24. Looks like you didn't miss it after all. ;)

    That wasn't a mercy add! I don't know how we calculated it in the past, but since post #1 was on January 15th, 2006, the first 30 days goes through February 14th. So we've added a few people to the First 9, as it were. Maybe it used to be the first 14 days, I don't remember. But it should be 30. Hell, anyone who joined in the first year was an early adopter. And here we are with 5000 members.

    Tidbit: of the 77 people who registered in the first 30 days, 19 were active in the past year. I actually expected that number to be lower - maybe 4 or 5 of us - so there you go.
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  25. Still here :cool:
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  26. d gray

    d gray tried to do his best but could not First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    that affected me exactly the way it should!

    gawd bless ya, mon!
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  27. Hmmm... Post all the YT clips here?
  28. Good guess, but no.

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