Factotum vs. Barfly/Best Actor to Play an Older Buk

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  1. I loved Trees Lounge, but hadn't thought of it as Buk-ish. I still don't think I would if I went back and watched it again. But I do like the movie a lot.
  2. d gray

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    bukowski himself put it best describing/criticizing rourke in barfly - "too neanderthal"
  3. My first notion was Harry Dean Stanton, but you know - Bukowski was a pretty physical presence and that requires an actor like maybe Nick Nolte or Brian Dennehey.

    Just my .02

  4. Good, good call. I didn't think of them, but totally agree, now that you mention the boys.

  5. Trees does have a kind of subconscious tribute feel or nod to a mad, screwed-up kind of drunken life that Buk writes of, so I can see distant echos of it there. And some of best in the biz made an appearance (Sam Jackson) in it.

    Also, why did you change your icon? The pirate theme much more suited you (not that I have a clue); just liked your smiling with a parrot on the shoulder.

  6. Me, too. And that film taught me that my family is not alone in smoking pot at funerals. God Bless us all.
  7. I think I mis-spelled Brian Denehy........
    or Denehey

    just sayin......
  8. 1. Ok, I can see that. (I can see the echos? oh well). I do think it fits into the buk genre pool, somewhere.

    2. Gotta change it up every now and then, y'know? Keep it fresh, whatnot. that and i was proud of the painting. but as you can see i've moved on already.
  9. It's hard to remember too many films I've enjoyed as much as Barfly, which I probably watched twenty times from 1987 to 1991. Maybe the Searchers. Casablanca. Touch of Evil. Seven Samurai. I guess that makes it a classic in my book. I just picked up a video from ebay today. So I've got something to watch tonight...when I make some late night phone calls.
  10. Masterpiece...
    the rest of your list is excellent also.
  11. How about John Hurt as Chinaski? Though he'd have to get a good accent for Chinasky, maybe bulk up a bit...
  12. check out AMERICAN SPLENDOR with Giamatti; there are some Chinaski elements. George C. Scott, Lee Marvin, Warren Oates, and Bogart circa TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, might be some decent choices for Chinaski: unfortunately, they're all dead.
  13. The problem that all of the screen adaptations that Bukowski's works face is the lack of arc. If you take apart each of the novels (Factotum is perhaps the best example of this) they all have a 'slice of life' point of view. That is to say they have no build and climax like traditional novels and movies. This is the genious that sets him apart from all others. The Idea that you could pick up a novel of his and read it from any point and it will make sense. Movies, at least in a commercial sense, cannot read this way. There is no arc- his technique works well on the written page, but not so much on the big screen. Has anyone else found the novel 'Hollywood' more intrigueing than 'Barfly'? Wasn't the story behind the movie more interesting than the movie itself?

    I am just bracing for the adaptation of 'Post Office'.... should be a doozy.
  14. Yes. I think Hollywood is his funniest book, very underrated. Look around, not one thread here about it. ;)
  15. The thing that makes 'Hollywood' so great is the thinly veiled celebs of that day... Sean Penn as Tom Pell, Timothy Leary as Jim Serry, and my favorite, Tom Jones as Tab Jones. Remember that line 'Tom was married to the famed pop singer Ramona- Madonna!

    There are many other references in this book and what's facinating is that it all actually happened. A very underrated book indeed. Why isn't there more mention of it here?
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    'Hollywood' would make a funny and weird movie....

    I'm casting John Malkovich as Barbet Schroeder - er, I mean Jon Pinchot :D
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  17. I agree. First one I thought of. Harry looks like he's been through it, he doesn't take shit from the studios or the old boys club, and he's read Bukowski. Sean Penn would never make it without sun glasses and hair spray.

    And he's 80. 80 ! fuck. Harry all the way.
  18. Nick Nolte?
  19. sure, nice one.
  20. hank solo

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    Father Luke posted a link to a review of a Bukowski inspired play over in the Will Bukowski ever be properly translated to film? thread that reminded me that I had wanted to suggest another actor to play Bukowski.


    I noticed F. Murray Abraham's big nose in 'Children of the Revolution' where he plays Josef Stalin and thought he might be a good Bukowski. Weird that he apparently tried to approach the director of this play - maybe he's a fan?

  21. Oh Hell yeah.
    With a bit of make up and the right mannerisms this guy could pull it off for sure. Great actor.
  22. How great is that.... Yep Buk all the way...

  23. Gerard K H Love

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    The only way to properly sell and market a Bukowski movie is...you have to serve drinks. Full bar and a strict no chatter policy and lots of hot babes. Maybe some gambling. What do I know but you think about it he drank when he wrote it- did he not?
  24. Agree with you about "Factotum." Completely misses the HUMOR---there is a sense of rhythm, timing to Bukowski's humor and jokes and it wouldn't take a terribly gifted director to at least get some of this through on film.
  25. maybe someone could coax Gene Hackman out of retirement?


    he's 78, but could play younger. ;)
  26. Loved Rip as Artie in The Larry Sanders Show

    I would not have recognized him from that photo.
  27. Ambreen

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    He's not the first actor to have problems with alcohol And he really looks like a dumb ass :D

    I would rather suggest him:

  28. Rip Torn could work. I would like to use two actors (in my imaginary screenplay). Someone like Rip Torn at the end of his life, with flashbacks to a younger Buk.

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