Factotum vs. Barfly/Best Actor to Play an Older Buk

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  1. Pretty close...

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  3. Any film collaboration with Rip Torn should be approached with great caution. Ask Norman Mailer, who had Torn appear in his film "Maidstone" and as I recall Torn had the clever idea of hitting Mailer on the head with a hammer and then biting off part of Mailer's ear.
  4. Kudos to Rip for thinking of it first. Method acting forever!
  5. Ambreen

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    Who would be played by...?

    Yes, you are[​IMG]

    No no no, not Rip Torn, he looks ho-rri-ble !
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    I would have liked to add a name in the other thread but as it has been closed, I'm upping this one.

    Birol Unel. Each time I saw him in a movie, I instinctively thought to Bukowski.
  7. Yes , that`s a good choice !
    Birol Unel is a fantastic turkish/german actor . He works often with the fabolous filmmaker Fatih Akin.
  8. Erik

    Erik If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    I guess it takes a dumb ass to suggest a dumb ass...
  9. Adjust yourselves, Eurotrash! Bukowski could only be played by an American. Take your poxy little continental girl-men suggestions and tuck them back into their feather beds. It must be time for a nap wherever you're from. Isn't it always time for a nap?

    Fucking commoners.
  10. Well, fuck it. I'll call bullshit on this. My favorite Buk adaptation of his work is Crazy Love which is a Belgian production. The last two acting performances I was totally captivated by were by Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York and There Will be Blood and this from a Limey playing American parts. One of my favorite parts in the Sounes' bio is when Bukowski takes to the balcony and yells "Thomas, you marvellous motherfucker, a long life to you!" he yelled. "A Long Life To Germany!" Buk was born in Germany and I personally have no problem with some "Eurotrash" actor playing Buk. As long as it takes a captivating presence playing him I'd care less where he's from. Buk's heart may have belonged to LA but his spirit belonged to Germany.
  11. You may have missed the spirit of my post.

    Crazy Love is far and away the best Bukowski-on-film, but after watching Barfly widescreen on a sizable TV recently, it has clawed its way up to a close second.

    To throw more meat into this pie, simply being born in Germany or Prague or Antarctica doesn't make someone German, Czech or Antarctican, in my always correct and never humble opinion. Especially if you leave as an infant or very small child and have no memory of your birthplace. You're barely human when you're two years old, so I don't think much in the way of culture or nationalism can seep into your soft little head. "Oh, how I yearn for the Schnitzel I smelled when I was 18 months old!" Eh, no.

    Technically we have laws and rules so everyone gets shoved into the appropriate box when they are born. But if you want to get technical, Bukowski was 100% American according to governmental paper pushers and the law. If his parents had cared to force the issue he could have had dual citizenship, but obviously they didn't want that for him. Why? Well, again, because America is so glaringly superior to all those hillbilly backwaters around the world.

    I thought we'd established that a long time ago? I don't know why I have to keep reminding everyone.
  12. See? We even do environmental disasters better than everyone else.

    Well, except for maybe that Chernobyl thing.
  13. Chernobyl was a lie told to us by the US Govt. It never happened, They just wanted to keep the beautiful white-sand beac hes to themselves. It was all made up by the same people who wrote the "fake" 1961 Hawaiian birth announcements for an infant Obama.

    But maybe I'm on acid.

  14. My skills as a medium do seem to lessen when I'm full of spirits - go figure.
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    I believe that Klaus Kinski would have been a good Bukowski too.

    As you're whining for some more European actors' names, here's another one: Patrick Dewaere.

    (the angry excited blue collar, not the hideous bourgeois dumb ass)

    "And I, I, I'm raising my glass to the most wonderful band of motherfuckers I've ever met. I'm raising my glass to the garbage heap that is surrounding me. There's enough to fill a hell of a trash can."

    He was said to be the most talented actor of his generation. Unfortunately killed himself in 1982, at a time when all the film directors wanted him.
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    Saw Nicholson on the NY v Boston on Thursday. When he GOT OUT OF THE WAY so the Boston player WOULD GET HURT I was not swayed at all - he should still play Buk.
  17. Sure!

    In crazytown or oppositeland.
  18. directed by Werner Herzog. what a train wreck that would be. but an interesting train wreck.

    I'd watch it.
  19. Oh, I'd watch it too (throw Nastassja in for good measure, since I wanted to marry her for several years after seeing Tess in 1979). That would be two DVD rentals total. I don't think they'd make their money back.
  20. Here it is -->

    It's hilarious, except that Rip Torns face scares the hell out of you at times. Man, that must have been some bad stuff he was taking that day.

    He claims he is trying to kill Mailers film character with the hammer, but calles him "Norman Mailer" and "Baby" all the time. Truly weird stuff.

    And, speaking of this, in January 2010 he broke into a bank. He was intoxicated and believed, it was his home ;)

    --> http://dailycaller.com/2010/03/30/rip-torn-due-in-conn-court-for-bank-break-in/
  21. Ambreen

    Ambreen Sordide Sentimental SAMCRO

    As Marina Bukowski?
    And Jane Birkin as Linda Lee.


    And one time "dad".
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  22. What I like most is when Rip Torn is trying to explain the attack to Mailer and his screaming family by saying over and over: "I had to do it! The movie wouldn't make sense without it. You KNOW it!"
  23. Sorry, I had that reversed: Mailer bit off Torn's ear.

    Or tore off Torn's ear.
  24. Lolita Twist

    Lolita Twist Rose-hustler SAMCRO

    Now that you say it, Nick Cage wouldn't be a catastrophe. I saw him in Bad Lt. and was very impressed and entertained.

    "What, you don't have a lucky crack pipe?"
  25. Having watched this video, I feel Mandy Patinkin could act Bukowski quite successfully. I think his voice is very similar to Hank's. Even his hair :) And if I compare him to the other actors performed Bukowski, he's on the top of my list.

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