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Oh, I'd watch it too (throw Nastassja in for good measure, since I wanted to marry her for several years after seeing Tess in 1979). That would be two DVD rentals total. I don't think they'd make their money back.


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Any film collaboration with Rip Torn should be approached with great caution. Ask Norman Mailer, who had Torn appear in his film "Maidstone" and as I recall Torn had the clever idea of hitting Mailer on the head with a hammer and then biting off part of Mailer's ear.

Here it is -->
It's hilarious, except that Rip Torns face scares the hell out of you at times. Man, that must have been some bad stuff he was taking that day.

He claims he is trying to kill Mailers film character with the hammer, but calles him "Norman Mailer" and "Baby" all the time. Truly weird stuff.

And, speaking of this, in January 2010 he broke into a bank. He was intoxicated and believed, it was his home ;)

--> http://dailycaller.com/2010/03/30/rip-torn-due-in-conn-court-for-bank-break-in/


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What I like most is when Rip Torn is trying to explain the attack to Mailer and his screaming family by saying over and over: "I had to do it! The movie wouldn't make sense without it. You KNOW it!"

Lolita Twist

I love (and vote for) Nic Cage,
Well, I love most of his portrayals.
I thought Leaving Las Vegas was phenomenol...
Him and Elisabeth Shue were great together.

He was awesome in that movie with Cher, the title of which escapes me right now,
(had Moon in the title)

Now that you say it, Nick Cage wouldn't be a catastrophe. I saw him in Bad Lt. and was very impressed and entertained.

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Having watched this video, I feel Mandy Patinkin could act Bukowski quite successfully. I think his voice is very similar to Hank's. Even his hair :) And if I compare him to the other actors performed Bukowski, he's on the top of my list.

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