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  1. In the one I rented, there's a sex scene with Tomei and Dillon that was short. In this Scandinavian version, is this scene longer, or is there a different scene? My version was pretty nice, anyway, and you can see pictures at the Celebrity Movie Archive site.
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    I was just joking! Did'nt you read my reply to Erik a few posts back? I thought it was obvious that I was kidding. The only deleted scenes I know of, are the ones on the dvd (bonus material). But of course it was a possibility with a special Scandinavian version since the director Bent Hamer is norwegian...
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  3. Just now I did, so consider me straightened out. Sorry for the lapse into obtuseness. Or obtusity. By the way, in that extra documentary, I liked the shirt someone was wearing that said "Get Bent."
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  4. This movie was A GIGANTIC PIECE OF SHIT.
    The story ONLY makes sense when set in the 1940s, and, aside from not even bothering to follow the plot of the novel, all of the voice-overs were from MUCH later Bukowski work.
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    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    I don't remember the "get bent" shirt, but I think Hamer should have left the deleted scenes in the movie. Especially the bar scene where Hank is with the girls and one of them say that Pierre (the guy with the boat) has died and that it may be her fault because she poured water in his vodka and he never used water in his vodka. Not only a very funny scene but also the natural ending of the Pierre episode. Strange that Hamer chosed to pull that scene...
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  6. I agree about the deleted scenes, and the one I liked was when the hat blew off Pierre's head and the girl ran and got it. I don't know all the reasons producers and directors choose scenes, but maybe the movie had to be shorter and they had to cut things they didn't want to.
    I'm just glad they left Marisa's tits in the picture, I tell you what.
  7. Yeah, you mentioned that before.
  8. ah, the breastLoop.
    Try looking girls in the eyes too, now and then.
    They could start to thing you are narrow-minded, well, depends on the girl.
    Just my experience.
  9. I know you're right, I need plenty of work, don't we all?
    But you reminded me of this:
    Where is the best place for a woman to hide money from a man?
    Her forehead.
  10. now gentlemen - a women doesn't mind a gaze now and then. 'tis good for the ego. but were hers (tomei's) really all that great or was it just because they were the only tits in the movie?

    i found the film intriguing...it hooked me in the moment, but was easily forgotten once over. having never read the actual novel (i know, i know...*boo, hiss*), i didn't have much to compare it to. i am a fan of dillon and think that he has the capacity and passion for roles such as this, but that does not necessarily mean he has a knack for it. i loved lily taylor - fucking brilliant. overall, not bad. i may need to watch it a few more times to pick it apart a bit more (i spent the $17 on it...might as well...)
  11. A great philosopher (George Washington Hayduke III from Ed Abbey's The Monkeywrench Gang) once said, "Cunt is cunt." Hmmmmmmmmmm ...
  12. Does Matt Damon play Chinaski in the movie? If so, :mad:
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  14. No, Phyllis Diller plays Chinaski... Matt Damon plays Jan (and Ben Affleck plays Laura).
  15. Is the above supposed to be clever or something?
  16. I think so. Clever and mocking, perhaps.

    But don't take it too hard, everyone is mocked at one time or another around here. It comes with the territory, or goes with the territory...feel free to mock my use of jargon.
  17. No, not really clever or mocking. Just kidding a bit with some weird free-association shit (Dillon-Damon-Diller) that came to mind. Okay, it was dumb, but if you took it personally... well, what can I say?
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    mrbgoode: "I'm just glad they left Marisa's tits in the picture, I tell you what."

    damn right
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    Ok, mrbgoode has his poster on the bedroom wall, what now?
  20. one of the most boring films i have ever seen-no risk -no humour totally un-Bukowski.Think they were trying hard to be PC (for a so called modern audience maybe)-also whoever made the film has obvoiusly not read a great deal of Bukowski becuase it was all so un-Bukowski.Bukowski shagged a load of bored women on the boat-where was that ! Also he would normally use a typewriter-not write in long hand. I am frankly ashamed of the film which made Barfly look like a classic.No soul-no spark-just boring and dull.
  21. i was also disappointed about the deleted scenes not making the final cut. they would have filled out the movie nicely.
  22. Watched Factotum for a second time. I liked more this time. I actually liked Dillon, I thought that he did a good job at portraying Buk. I had sort of imagined Buk with a similar personality.Neater than in Barfly. I found Lilly Taylor to be very believable and lovable and Marisa Tomei stood out like a pinup from the forties. I loved the music. The film had a more contemporary feel. Perhaps a little too romantic.
    The script in Barfly may be closer to the essence of Buk. But I found Rourke'walk ridiculous although his facial expressions were pretty good.
  23. I guess I was the last person on earth to see the movie Factotum. I found it from the library couple of weeks ago...

    Well, what can I say...If you think the book and the film are the same thing, you'll be disapointed. And If you consider it just as a film? I think that it was kinda boring. It's dificult to make a movie out of B's books, because there really isn't any clear story in them. It's just LIFE...I mean what was factotum all about? Did the main character learn anything? Was there any spiritual growth? Maybe, but was that the point of the book? (What am I trying to say here?)

    Anyway, the film didn't work for me: way too slow. And way too much monologue! Funny at times, though - and I liked Dillon. But is this really a tribute or an offence to Buk? I don't think Buk would have liked the movie (well, he didn't really like Barfly either).

    I was somewhat offended about some of the changes they made. And I think the movie at first made Chinaski (and in that way Bukowski to those who don't know anything about him) seem very hostile to Jan. It made him look like he was the one who was always mistreating the innocent little Jan, although I always got the feeling from Buks writing, that she was more wilder than him in many ways... But what do I know, huh? There was the bit in there, where he tells how Jan liked to fuck with just about anybody...so that balances things somewhat.

    Then there was the odd little things...like "The Black Sparrow magazine that I admired...edited by John Martin". Is that supposed to be some kind of tribute to mr. Martin?

    And what about the final scene: Chinaski sitting in a strip joint writing something. (Was that in the movie? At least there was a poster of the movie where he was WRITING in there.) Chinaski/Bukowski wouldn't ever have writen in such a place, because a) He had PAID to get in! He just went there to write? No, he went there to SEE THE SHOW. And b) Buk wasn't the kind of guy who wrote in caf├ęs and shit...too many people, too much noise...

    It didn't bother me so much that it was in present time. They didn't make such a big deal out of it.

    And the music? It was not TERRIBLE, but once again...would this have been something Bukowski would have wanted? Would he have wanted somebody to make songs out of his poems? I think not. They were POEMS not LYRICS! And jazz? Why jazz? It's not right to fuck around with somebodys work like that after they are dead!

    I can imagine Buk turning in his grave if he knew...
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  24. I thought it was ok. A lot of the humor in his work is hard to translate to film. Sorta like Elmore Leonard. Great books, lousy film interpretation.
  25. I'm thinking that for someone who might not be too familiar with his work, or at least the book, the film version really won't make too much sense at all. I can almost hear some of them crying out, "where was the plot?" after seeing it. Whereas for those of us who've read and re-read the book several times over, it might leave some with an empty feeling because there was so much that was left out.
  26. i'll never like matt dillon as much as rourke :D
    watching factotum and then watching barfly was like eating cheese whiz, and then getting introduced to fine deli cheese. yum.
  27. yeah, Barfly over Factotum. . . but, I did think Dillon was pretty good. I do,however, wish there was more depth in Factotum. Nonetheless, It is always exciting to see anything associated with Bukowski on the screen. Ive watched it several times and do own it on DVD.
  28. I really enjoyed this movie myself. And as a student of film (once went to college but soon realized that a true artist needs only to be self taught) I truly enjoyed the armature of it... By this I mean it's style of imperfection truly did the film wonders.
  29. i enjoyed it
    but it would have been cool to see it more realistic
    it seemed like buk in the suburbs
    nice apartment, too clean etc.
    but i like the film, it gets better with repeated viewings and dillion did a pretty good job
  30. I watched the film last night. I have to say it didn't blow my mind like the book did. It was okay, but just lacked the energy and pace of the novel, and as much as I like Matt Dillon I didn't think he did an amazing job at playing Chinaski.

    Saying all this, I still enjoyed it. The ending was well done and the photography was nice. I think I'll give it another watch soon...it'll probably grow on me a bit more I reckon. But overall the film had a very tired, weary feel that isn't so dominant in the book.

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