well, i finally watched it (1 Viewer)

maybe he is playing poker.

re your previous reading-list: if you'd like to stick to the novels at the moment, which seems a good idea to me, you'd really go for 'PO' and 'Ham' next.
From there you can go Anywhere.
(stories, poems, letters, more novels,...)

... if you liked 'Barfly' (movie AND screenplay, you may put 'Hollywood' on your list sooner than later.
Yes, that sounds like a plan.

I omitted to mention that I'm dipping into Slouching Toward Nirvana as well, between things. I tried to read it in great swathes, but found that I couldn't. Then I heard Buk say on the Buk Tapes that he can't read a whole bunch of poetry at once either, so I feel vindicated in that sense.
the order I read the novels was, I don't know if it matters, but what the hell...
Ham on Rye, great introduction to Bukowski, well I think anyway
Post Office

Then although I was reading various poetry books in and around the novels: You get so Alone, People look like flowers, Days Runaway like Wild Horses (my favorite title)... etc

I read Love is a Dog from Hell, After I read Women, which was really enjoyable because you get the sense that you have already been introduced to the women in Women. I liked that. I found myself reading a poem and thinking oh that's Linda King or oh that's Cupcake etc....
Then I read
finishing with
Well that worked for me. And there is still so much more.
Factotum is on 3Sat this Thursday evening at 22:25, no commercial breaks. The channel can be received in Germany definitively, and I believe in Switzerland and Austria too.
I knew it also , but I became a call from an ex - girlfriend when I watch it . Drink wodka with orange juice and feel good and listen to the blablabla and watch Factotum and I say to her , I want to see that movie ,but she talk and talk . No way . I must canceld this call with a shut up . So I can lying in the couch and watch it to the end . Still , she call tomorrow back.

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