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  1. Exactly. Barfly is the best of the lot. By the way, Mickey Rourke is incredibly good in The Wrestler. And now he has the perfect beat to shit face to play the mature Bukowski, and the soul. I think he ought to have another look at Chinaski.
  2. As I had predicted this is a grower!

    I watched it two more times over the weekend and I really like it now. It has a subtle feel to it. It feels a little watered down when compared to the novel, but I kinda like the different perspective it gives. It captures the feeling of iscolation that Buk writes about and transfers this in a small, quiet but effective way. The photography is lovely and the scenes are all quite different and memorable. On second viewing it felt quite short compared to the first where I thought it dragged on.

    It's by no means a perfect book to film interpretation, but they rarely are. To be honest it could just be the power of BUkowski's writing coming through that makes me like it a lot, but there is something quirky and nice in the way it is filmed and casted. It's very simple. Nothing much happens but the images stick in your brain long after.
  3. I quite enjoyed the film but I think Dillon was too deadpan in his delivery. To be fair though I think it must be hard to make a film adaptation of any of Bukowski's work which compares favourably with the books.
    I thought Barfly was a good effort though and I agree it would be interesting to see Rourke as an older Chinaski.
  4. Yeah, I thought this at first. I kinda like it now though. Man I watched it for the 4th time last night, haha. It's one of those films that I can just put on in the background while I play my guitar. It has so many rewatchable scenes. The one where he spins round the midget at the pickle factory always cracks me up, as well as the scene when he goes back to his parents house and gets kicked out, and the constant scenes in the unemployment offices.

    Actually when I think back to the film I think that Dillon's portrayal of Chinaski seems like it would fit the older Chinaski in Post Office better. I think the whole style of the film matches the feel of Post Office more than Factotum.

    I have yet to see Barfly. I've seen the clips on Youtube. While it looks like a great film, it seems Micky Rourke's a acting seems a little too cartoonish and OTT. It's as if both Dillon and Rourke have gone for the two different extremes of Chinaski and not devoloped the middle ground enough.
  5. Yeah, nicely summed-up. I might have to revisit both films soon.

  6. If Chinaski spent tens of thousands on plastic surgery to make himself look more inhuman than Michael Jackson and if Chinaski walked around with a little toy dog in his arm like he was Paris Hilton...

  7. Actually, I think Jack Nicholson would be much better suited to play the older Chinaski than Rourke. Looks wise he is ugly enough, he's got the same monotonous slightly cocky slur in his accent and he has the similar attitude to Chinaksi. Actually thinking about it the young Nicholson would have been so damn good at playing Chinaski. i.e Nicholson in Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, One flew over the Cuckoonest, Chinatown etc. His characters in those films remind me of Chinaski quite a lot and once again that accent! it sounds a lot like Bukowski.

    Ahhh if only.
  8. yes again:

  9. Haha nice.

    I wouldn't have chosen Wynona Ryder as Linda though. Too soft and pretty. Ac
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    Wow. They have the advance movie poster already. Man, you must really have an inside connection to get that. I am impressed.
  11. I just watched factotum 2 nights ago. And I have to say I really like the book way better. Maybe it's the attention to detail in the book, i don't know. But I was thinking as I watched it that something was missing. And the end.... well it just seemed abrupt. Now I want to go and reread it again.
  12. Nice work! They say the poster is the movie, so all we need now is a producer and director.

    Any nominees?
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  14. I don't mean that Linda isn't pretty...she is beautiful, but Ryder looks more girly while Linda looks a bit more womanly.
  15. Finally watched Factotum last night. I didn't entirely dislike it, but then I was looking at it with a fair bit of knowledge about the subjects. I don't like Matt Dillon in the role, although for me it's more a case of miscasting than acting ability. He simply looks too scrubbed-up and healthy all of the time to be a convincing skid rower.

    I think Lili Taylor is a doll and I liked her portrayal of Jan.

    Story wise, I found myself concentrating more on trying to match places and events with Buk history than being "entertained". I don't think a "non-Buk" viewer would get much out of it at all, except perhaps a numb rear end for sitting through it. Bios and semi-bios can often suffer from being episodic in nature -- with no dramatic arc -- and this film is certainly episodic, but that is often the European way.

    I don't think Buk would have liked it one little bit.
  16. I agree but you missed out The Last Detail.
  17. In THIS case the episodic character, the lack of drama, plot, etc, comes from the original model: 'Factotum' is an episodic book. That's why I'd never chosen this one to picturize a Buk-book. I'd shoot for 'Ham on Rye' or 'PO'.
  18. Fair enough, then. I haven't read Factotum yet. Am currently reading Pulp, which is sounding more like a Hunter S Thompson plot -- sans mescaline -- by the page.

    Hamer says on the DVD that he was interested in making Post Office but that the rights weren't available at that time and Factotum was his other choice.

    I haven't read Post Office yet, either. I'm probably reading Buk in the wrong sequence.
  19. There's no right or wrong sequence.
    Just keep in mind, that 'Pulp' is Way different from all other Buk-novels when you start with them. All the others belong to a genre named 'autobiographic fiction', which means what it sounds like.

    'Post Office', though somewhat episodic too, has much more plot/story/drama than 'Factotum' and I like it Way better.

    The filming-rights for 'PO' are with Taylor Hackford, who once did the famous 'Bukowski'-documentary in the early 70s. But so far, it doesn't look like he's making something out of them.
  20. Nonetheless, I'm beginning to think that I should get onto a chronological reading plan, which is what I would usually do with another author. So far my Buk sequence has been:

    Barfly (movie)
    Born Into This (on TV)
    Barfly (screenplay)
    Factotum (movie)
    The Bukowski Tapes (DVD)

    So, I'm jumping around a fair bit here.

    I wonder if Hackford is intending to do anything with Post Office. Not much use to us his hanging onto the option if nothing is being developed, or there's no active intention of doing so.
  21. maybe he is playing poker.

    re your previous reading-list: if you'd like to stick to the novels at the moment, which seems a good idea to me, you'd really go for 'PO' and 'Ham' next.
    From there you can go Anywhere.
    (stories, poems, letters, more novels,...)

    ... if you liked 'Barfly' (movie AND screenplay, you may put 'Hollywood' on your list sooner than later.
  22. Yes, that sounds like a plan.

    I omitted to mention that I'm dipping into Slouching Toward Nirvana as well, between things. I tried to read it in great swathes, but found that I couldn't. Then I heard Buk say on the Buk Tapes that he can't read a whole bunch of poetry at once either, so I feel vindicated in that sense.
  23. the order I read the novels was, I don't know if it matters, but what the hell...
    Ham on Rye, great introduction to Bukowski, well I think anyway
    Post Office

    Then although I was reading various poetry books in and around the novels: You get so Alone, People look like flowers, Days Runaway like Wild Horses (my favorite title)... etc

    I read Love is a Dog from Hell, After I read Women, which was really enjoyable because you get the sense that you have already been introduced to the women in Women. I liked that. I found myself reading a poem and thinking oh that's Linda King or oh that's Cupcake etc....
    Then I read
    finishing with
    Well that worked for me. And there is still so much more.
  24. Factotum is on 3Sat this Thursday evening at 22:25, no commercial breaks. The channel can be received in Germany definitively, and I believe in Switzerland and Austria too.
  25. thanks for the heads up, Mark!

    I can't see it as I have no TV-set, but I know the movie anyway.
  26. I knew it also , but I became a call from an ex - girlfriend when I watch it . Drink wodka with orange juice and feel good and listen to the blablabla and watch Factotum and I say to her , I want to see that movie ,but she talk and talk . No way . I must canceld this call with a shut up . So I can lying in the couch and watch it to the end . Still , she call tomorrow back.
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    Cowboy gets my vote for Post of the Month.

  28. Still the truth hank solo
    And I drink wodka with orange juice in the moment

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