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hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
Reaper Crew
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You have started your own French and English poetry blogger page. Now we know.
Your English poetry is much better than my French poetry. Of course, I don't write poetry. Okay. Enjoy
Glad to hear that. You remind me of something recurrent and annoying as a thick leaf of tobacco in my pack of rolling shag, I just throw it away and enjoy my smoke.


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Wow: landlords, women, cats, beer, whiskey, cops, steaks, slaughterhouses, toilets, "the page," Céline, symphonies -- you're working some real original avenues there. Keep up the good work.
ill-advised for any young person to post their poetry in a blog on the www.
Intemperance, keep writing and keep reading. If you look at your work with enough objectivity you will find that given enough time, it will come out the way that you want it to. But until you solidify your 'voice' as a poet, perhaps you should keep it on the DL as you kids say.

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