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A couple of weeks ago this magazine appeared on ebay - January 1995 edition.

Obviously the information will be out of date but I am always interested in reading about collecting Buk - especially this older stuff (and being frustrated why I didn't buy it all then!!!).

If anyone has a copy or bought it off ebay - I would appreciate if you could let me know what it says - or, if possible, post the article.

Many thanks
The article was written by David Gregor (of Gregor Books). It's been a while since I read but remember that I wasn't especially impressed. It was just okay. The article is 9 pages long and is followed by a three page checklist that mainly lists Bukowski's BSP books and prices that were, at that time, pretty inflated (though they seem fairly reasonable now).
I have this magazine, somewhere. (I'll look for it and see if I can scan and post it here)
It is fun to look through, if not a little maddening.
I got it on e-bay too, from someone on this forum and I can't remember who...
If the seller could please pm me
i'll scan it. i can only scan at work, and work is pretty crazy for the next few weeks, but i'll get to it at some point.
I remember when I first read about this magazine article.
I thought it was going to give me some amazing new info on the vagaries of Buk collecting.

I was sadly disappointed.

It's just a very short and out of date check list with nothing in the way of info unless you were a complete newcomer.

I'll bet the same article written by some of our members here would kick ass.

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