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For sale FLOWER FIST BESTIAL WAIL 1960 signed w/drawing

Bukowski's very first collection of poems (1960) from the collection of Al Berlinski, signed and inscribed to Berlinski (proprietor of Sun Dog Press) with drawing of "little man" and "dog".

Very VERY light wear to wrappers, staples oxidized, light bump at heel of spine;
Please note, that the oxidized staples have rusted through the paper as shown in the picture, making the center page Detached!; wich makes this a Very Good copy only, while beside that the whole item is still near fine.

The asked prize is approx 5,000.- USD.
Location of the item is in USA, so that fully insured shipping within the US will be only about 60.- USD.

[Contact Roni]

"and there it was: Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail, never a baby born in more pain - a beautiful baby, beautiful! The first collected poems of a man of 40, who began writing late [...] It’s a beautiful job, clean and pure, poem arrangement perfect."
(Charles Bukowski to his publisher E. V. Griffith October 14, 1960)



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The ebay-sale didn't work.
I'm still offering this historic gem.

Even though I'd like to leave it and do need money, I won't be available for undecent offers.
This VERY FIRST book of Bukowski's poetry (1960) has its value and you won't Ever find it at a cheaper prize anywhere.

The item is located in the U.S.
(our bospress is kind enough to help me with this sale by storing the chapbook and sending it inside the US (insured) for only the real cost).

I'm not parting with this great historic collectible delibaretely, but won't give it away for free either.
It's a bargain anyway.
The prize now is 5,555.- USD


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
I am broke but hell, if I was a wealthy man that is the kind of thing on which I'd spend my money. Good luck Roni.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
You might want to think about $5555.00 in trade. Sometimes It's easier to get rid of 20 signed books instead of 1. You may even make a profit.
I've put this little gem on ebay again:
(x-mas is nigh)
[Contact Roni]

Prize is approx 5,555.- USD (4.900,- EUR) plus shipping (within the US this should be around 60.-USD)
DETAILS => see above

edit: HERE's the international URL:
[Contact Roni]

Please Note, that the item is NOT located in Germany, but in the US, which makes shipping much cheaper than maybe given on the site (depending on where you live).
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If only. I'd fall to my knees by my mailbox and kiss a flowerfist. Maybe my relief check will pay for it. ;) ...I really want this! If my shack job knew what I'd paid for it I'd be out on the mean streets..again. Hoping to make special collections near me now that I'm unsupervised at work. Been planning it for the past year, of course no one else wants to go. Your a lucky man to hold that special magic in your hands. All the letters I've read about it give me a special affinity for that particular book. One day. Not for this price unfortunately.