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The Projectile can seem normal, if somewhat sensitive, for a short period of time. Their true nature, however, cannot be concealed for very long, and is normally exposed at the first sign of another person disagreeing with them. This infuriates The Projectile, who then rails against "internet bullies" and "anonymous tough guys." Paradoxically, they take great pains to remain anonymous themselves and threaten anyone who disagrees with them, to the point of describing - often in lurid detail - the physical violence they will bring down upon their perceived enemies.

Common signs of The Projectile are insults that originated on usenet in the 1980s. Devastating barbs such as characterizing their foes as "overweight," "lonely," "a coward hiding behind a screen," "typing from your mother's basement," etc. You will also see them inviting contact with their tormentors by demanding to meet them in "real life," so they may inflict necessary punishment, often employing such hyperbole as offering to purchase airfare to their hometown in order to facilitate the violent altercation (which will always, in The Projectile's mind, end in personal triumph).

This behavior has its roots in a real life sense of impotence, despair and isolation. In psychological terms the aggressor is "projecting" their deficiencies onto the world at large. An example of psychological projection might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and attaching, or "projecting," those same faults onto another. Also at work is something called "Ressentiment" - a reassignment of the pain that accompanies a sense of one's own inferiority/failure onto an external scapegoat.

In the vast majority of cases The Projectile will also exhibit very clear signs of passive-aggressive behavior; for example, lashing out with vicious attacks, then in the face of the inevitable backlash, retreating into an awkward and embarrassing "Nobody loves me/I can see I'm not welcome here" stance. This can occasionally catch members of the community at large off guard, causing them to encourage The Projectile to stay and participate. However, such an invitation eventually and inevitably leads to similar outbursts of frustration and rage.

It is understandable that many feel pity for The Projectile when witnessing such a bewildering array of psychological burdens exhibited by a single person. However, The Projectile cannot be deterred or changed, so pity is ill-advised.

The Projectile shares a few traits with The Rebel, though the Rebel rarely includes the threat of physical violence in their arsenal of annoyances.
After reading that description I get the impression that some of us use our internet personalities much like a ventriloquist uses his doll. Projecting our usually suppressed evil demons through some innocent looking little dog or whatever.
You know that reminds me I was given first class tickets to visit some one I met on here briefly and if it wasn't for my being on a no fly list I could have been abused or worse. Oh my. I guess some good did come from hanging out at that Mosque here.
I'm touched, Boss. This took a lot of thought and articulation, and with only one or two typos, to boot: not too shabby. I'm truly honored to have been deemed worthy of your scrutiny.

I look forward to getting even further under your skin in the new year, and to reading new personal attacks against me thinly veiled (albeit intentionally so) as general dimestore psychoanalysis of internet trolls from the desk of the frustrated Dr. Phillips.

It's just too bad you had to butcher (edit? censor?) the bulk of our previous exhange in those other threads, but I'm sure you had your reasons. Besides, I find it's best not to question the doctor's methods. Especially when he's starting to sweat. The doctor can be quite pissy under pressure: but surely this is a hallmark of genius?

Well, Michael, I love you, and I love what you do here.

And again, sincerely: I'm flattered to read this post and know I got to you. That's the best way to end this year I can think of.

Kisses and Predictability,

PS: You were writing about me, right?
congrats, TBT, you've won. you've outwitted us all. time for a victory lap.

the parade will be on Monday. an open limo tour through downtown Griffith, ending at Town Hall where the mayor will award you with the key to the city.

enjoy the moment, it's well deserved.
...the key to...downtown Griffith...

Hoochmonkey, let the Boss fight his own battles. The fact that he's slipping and knows it doesn't necessitate his #2 stepping in and getting involved.

I do appreciate the key, though. Very cool.

Or, then again, get involved if you like. It's a public forum, so hey.

This isn't very challenging anymore. No one loves me. I'm gonna go listen to Morrissey.
hear, hear.

sometimes I forget that, strangegirl.

I officially resign from this particular pissfight, but reserve the right to join future pissfights.
In the vast majority of cases The Projectile will also exhibit very clear signs of passive-aggressive behavior; for example, lashing out with vicious attacks, then in the face of the inevitable backlash, retreating into an awkward and embarrassing "Nobody loves me/I can see I'm not welcome here" stance.
Yes, I get it -- like me saying to cancel my account. Really, what you say makes a lot of sense. I have to admit that what you wrote really makes sense.
man, how bad can someone need attention?

hey BisexualTragedy - i didn't get a chance to reply to you saying because you
like morrisey i think you're a fag - not at all, i know a number of straight guys
who like him - but a straight guy would NEVER write mini-novels defending him and
begging for "love me daddy" approval

your posts make you sound like what you are - a bitchy narcissistic queen with
a nuerotic need for approval.

they're have been alot of disturbed/disturbing characters come and gone from
this forum and you can at least take comfort that you fit in somewhere.

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