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There is a whatchamacallit that automatically tweets new posts from a few of the forums here.

It's funny, because it's been doing that since April, and I've had the Twitter link on the front page of the forum since then, but in seven months the account only picked up 9 followers.

Until a month ago, when I started using a program that automatically follows Twitter users based on some criteria you can set (if they've tweeted "Bukowski" in the past X days, etc.). Now the account has almost 1200 followers and that goes up every day, so I guess it's working. You follow them, they follow you.

If you've noticed an unusual number of new users in the past few weeks, the ramped up Twitter action is likely why.
Oops, I gave them the wrong date -- it's free tomorrow, Monday, December 12, not today, Sunday the 11th. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks so much! The kindle for PC works great. Can't wait to read this later tonight. I've been hearing about this story for years.
Whoa! It's been live as a free download for only 6 hours and already 23 copies are downloaded in the US, 8 in the UK, and my first Italian "sale"! Free is a very good price. This experiment is a huge success.

The ebook should remain free all day today (Monday, December 12), until 11;59 PM. If you want it and miss getting it today, I'll probably have a few other free days for it later this month. Amazon gives each author a total of 5 free promotion days per month. I'll use a few on short stories I have as Kindles ebooks, and the rest on Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face.
As of 1:30 this afternoon, 93 copies downloaded for free. Not bad for a Monday. I love giving this ebook away.

The ability to make a book free is a perk of opting in to Amazon's "Kindle Select" lending library program, but for me it's the main advantage as I am not likely to have many readers "borrow" free copies of my book (for which I would get a payment to be calculated later) when they can get a high priced bestseller instead, and they are limited to one loan per month. Why would they use up that loan on a short, 99 cent book?
Why not. Cunningham & McCreesh did it, Bukowski did it, Mullinax did it, Fred Wright did it.
You're in good company, David.
That's a scary idea. I'm sure I would ramble on and ad lib crazy shit and need to redo it over and over again. I like the silent finality of the printed page. Not that I'm shy about reading -- I've done some poetry readings. In fact, there's a CD of a reading I did maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I'll have to give this some thought...
I can not figure out how to download it, do I need a Kindle?

"you can download a free copy of my Kindle ebook,"

I'm not sure but I'm guessing this answers my question
Informal: you don't need a Kindle device. You can download the free Kindle For PC software to your computer and then download the ebook to that. It's fast and easy. You can also read it "in the cloud" for free. I don't own a Kindle, but the Kindle for PC works great, and lets me see what my ebooks look like (sort of). End of ad for Amazon who is getting filthy rich and may be evil but one must not bite the hand that feeds one ("one what?")
Hey, I'm seeing some "likes" -- thank you guys! I know it's Buknet folks taking the time to give me feedback because I've given away hundreds of free ebooks and these are the first "likes" I've gotten. And, I see a really nice review -- unsolicited -- of one of my horror short stories by Bill. Thank you, Bill! Starting today, several of my horror short stories are also Free Kindles. You can see them listed here:

Help yourself to these bad boys. Again, "Likes" are appreciated. You might convince somebody to give a story a try.

And this one which isn't yet on my author's page, "The Ghoul God's Bride: A Tale of Zombie Love":
You're welcome, Timothy. I'm glad I can make this piece available to Bukowski fans this way. Imagine if I had to address envelops and stick stamps on them to send out printed copies. I'd be bitching about it.
i would've whipped his living ass! haha no... i'd like to say i'd of hit him and given him a hell of a story to write and i'm sure you kicked yourself in the teeth over that for quite some time... but i'm from a different time and a different place and i'm glad i'm here to read about such an incident.
I never saw anyone challenge him, although I'm sure it happened at times. I wonder what would have happened if someone did bust him in the chops, in a public place like a bar? Would he brag about it, or not even mention it? I bet he would would have used it in his writing. He wasn't one to let a story go to waste, even if he came out looking bad.
It stayed at #1 for a couple days, possibly longer (I stopped checking). Right now, it's at #24, which isn't bad. I guess if it was always free, it might stay at #1 for quite a while. Amazon limits you to 5 free days every 3 months, and I've used those up until I get 5 more in March. So maybe it'll get back up there again. Thanks for all the "likes".

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