Friend in jail, 12 months, which book ? (1 Viewer)

Seriously now. He's 20 years old & probably never read a book in his life. He'll have a lot of time on his hands & there's only so many motor-cycle magazines that his father can send him. I really want to mail him something to kill the time.

I suppose I'm asking a lot from a bunch of Bukowski types who have never even spent a night in jail, let alone 12 months, but I'm not sure what to send the boy.

I would send the novels. I don't know. If there is an old jail-bird in bukowski land that has some idea of what it's like to be locked up & moved around the country like a piece of carrion I'd like to know if getting "Women" or "Post Office" or "Factotum" in the mail would help.

Maybe it would be a bad thing. Maybe I should send something by Mark Twain. I can't be the only person who has been in this position, surely.

hank solo

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Reaper Crew
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It doesn't matter what you send. He's the one who has to find the answer.

Father Luke

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Send them all, yeah.
And a collection of Mark Twain. Why not?

More importantly?
Write every day.
Write more than once a day.

Letters from people make all the difference when you are locked up.

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Father Luke
I've done a little bit of time myself(Not for anything hardcore mind you) and what i recommend is:Pornography!!!. haha

Nah seriously,Send him a few things.Books are great way to pass the time when you're locked up.He'll read them eventually.

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