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Since we have a few Applebaum's, I'll add a couple more. This first new one is from "Art", one of the BSP New Year's Greetings.

I could indeed have put them in one post but I was diligently following the examples that my predecessors ROC and nymark set about a year ago.
Cool! I'm a predecessor!

Did I post my Applebaum inscriptions?

I don't remember. If not, I'll do so in this thread and this can be the Applebaum archive.

I like saying Applebaum.
I'm a predecessor, too? Is that a bad thing? Is that like psoriasis?

I have a couple Applebaum inscriptions but I don't remember if I posted them or not. I'll post them here. ROC, if you show my yours, I'll show you mine. Tee-hee.
It seems I got my Applebaums and my Feldmans mixed up!

So to make up, I include one to Julie Voss also...

IMG_2836.jpg IMG_2837.jpg IMG_2838.jpg
I knew Arthur Feldman a little bit. He was an attorney and a patron of the arts. He had this great office in the old Euclid Avenue Arcade in downtown Cleveland where he sold contemporary art. (Aaron, are you out there? You can fill in the blanks.) I use to visit him on my trips there. He extended a helping (financial) hand to many artists, including Black Sparrow Press in its infancy, and was usually paid back with work. He had a great copy of WOMEN with a painting that looked like the one used on the cover of the book. One time, he pulled out a cardboard box and it was filled with hand-painted, one-of-a-kind books by Jack Micheline.

I thought I had a few books inscribed to Applebaum, but I could only find two; POST OFFICE, which I know I've posted here before because it's one of my favorite inscriptions, and BARFLY.

aa_post office.jpg aa_barfly.jpg
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