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I just checked imdb and they say it's in production, scheduled for a 2010 release.

they have Serge and Jane cast already:

Looking forward to it! I've always had a soft spot for Jane. Love her version of , with Les Négresses Vertes.

My favourite Gainsbourg moment: . "He's not drunk, c'est son état normal."
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The film will be directed by Joann Sfar, who actually is a famous comic book writer.
I have never heard of the actor who is to play Gainsbourg. The actress who will play Birkin is this latter's daughter, Lou Doillon.
___ This movie is B.A.D. __

I'm embarrassed to admit, but this movie is really wrong on so many ends.

It just opened in Germany last week and I've seen it (of course) and was pretty disappointed.

Maybe I was expecting too much, because I had seen both before, the and really loved them.

Had also seen some excerpts from the movie (in French) and the short (English-language!) piece the movie, which was great!

The producers were so exact at details - the styling, the clothes, the furniture, the accessoirs, all of which you can find in original photographs or films of Gainsbourg at the given time. Even how the Gainsbourg-actor moved his head and fingers mached the original. It was miraculous!

But the movie itself had NO SOUL. The actors were phantastic[!], but the dramaturgic timeline of the thing as a whole was not.

Also, most of it can only be understood by someone, who's already familiar with Gainsbourg's life & work.

And they tried to stuff as much as possible into it, which leads to situations, no one can follow (unless they already knew about the happenings in real life), because there's no time to explain. The childhood part at the beginning is boring-long and the emphasis on the 'jew-theme' is unneccessarily over-present, as is the 'Marseillaise'-topic.

Really too bad!
They could've made something out of all these efforts, with all these fine actors and the (obviously) great staff. I don't understand, how they could screw it. I just don't.

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