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Who ships a single 12 x 17 sheet of letterpressed cardstock from England to California in a flat cardboard (sorry, corrugated) mailer like this? I wouldn't expect this to make it across town, let alone more than 5,000 miles.



You know what's funny though? I bought an album cover from a guy in England (I had the original pressing of an LP but not the original cover) and he said, "Don't worry about packing, it's in a frame," which I took to mean he'd pack it well. When I picked it up at the post office it was just the (cheap plastic) frame wrapped in brown paper with addresses and postage on it. And I mean thin brown paper, not even as thick as a grocery bag. And the package was completely fine. Not a tear or bumped corner. It looked like no member of any postal service ever touched it.

It was amazing. Like being taken back to a time when people gave a shit about their jobs. I admit that I may have cried a little. Just a single tear...


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One of the world's greatest questions/mysteries (when it comes to post office (dis)services) is how come it's always the TOP corner of a book in a package that's bumped and never the bottom corner.
Like bread always falling down on buttered side... *sigh*
It looked like no member of any postal service ever touched it
Something similar happened to me a couple of months ago. I ordered a book from the UK, the package was solid and thick, no complaints, but the bottom was completely open, so that you could see and touch the edge of the book. Strangely enough, the edge was undamaged and white as snow, and the condition of the book was excellent. I still can't believe that it has been delivered by post.


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Well they said they're going to send a replacement in a mailing tube. Why didn't they do that in the first place?

Not sure how the thick stock is going to take to being rolled, I guess we'll see.


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Not sure how the thick stock is going to take to being rolled, I guess we'll see.


Is it just me, or does it seems odd that someone would be folding this to fit into a tube that it clearly isn't meant to fit into, and while they are creasing and bending it, they don't think, "Hmm, I'm ruining the product, maybe this isn't the way to go."

It would almost be funny if I hadn't paid for it.
I was going to like your post, mjp but as you note, you did pay for this. But seriously, it's so sublimely idiotic (and your delivery is, as usual, spot on) that it really is quite funny to me. Apologies for my amusement at your expense. But third time's a charm as they say. Have him lock it in a safe and ship it. Should only be about $2,000 for shipping.


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Feel free to laugh, it wasn't terribly expensive.

Funny thing is if they would have curled it with the grain of the paper (the long way) it would have probably been fine.

Anyway, it was a gift for Carol's birthday, but she knows what it is now, so I can show it to you. It's a signed, letterpressed PJ Harvey poem. I know PJHarvey isn't a poet, but this one isn't bad.

I gotta complain about something:

Received Dangling in the Tournefortia in the mail today. It was being advertised as a hardback, but it clearly wasn't when it arrived.
Price was what I expected and it was in good condition, so it's not all bad I suppose. Still kinda irritating, you know?

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