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I was getting a bit fed up with trawling through the junk on ebay and decided to google "bukowski auctions" instead. I ended up on a site that mentioned the sale of the linda king letters for $69,000. Well, with the exchange rate being what it is (2 dollars to the pound) I thought that represented quite a bargain, although obviously I've missed my chance this time round.

Anyway, the site I was on said that there had been a "lively discussion" on the subject on, so I thought I'd have a look. And what a great site it is. Like everyone else (I imagine) I had to read through the FBI files before even thinking about registering...

I'm really chuffed that this place exists & I must get around to paying my $10 to help it keep going.

I never met the chap, but talking to people who did perhaps that's a good thing. Strangely enough I was initially drawn to his drinking stories & horse-racing poems, as they are my own two areas of, ahem, "interest." The last time I was in LA I admit to being a bit of a sad bastard because although I would always go to Hollwood Park for the racing, I wouldn't normally dream of going into a place like Musso & Franks. But of course I did, purely to chat to Ruben about the man himself. He was surprisingly happy to talk about his "Bukowski experiences" and the fact that he no longer had to hold such a huge stock of that foul German wine that he drank. Linda King was actually in there at the time with a bunch of studenty types, but I decided not to bother her, as Bukowski was only just dead at the time.

And now, with the dollar tumbling in free-fall, I shall await my next chance to get hold of those damned letters !

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