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Hey, my name is Rocky. I'm from Santa Cruz County, California. I love to read Bukowski. I've been reading him for sometime, though how long I cannot recall. I'm no expert but he has influenced my life in more ways than I can count. I feel as a writer he has an overwhelming intimacy about life which he shares with other writers and I mark him amongst the greats of world literature. I consider his writing style to be completely natural and nearly impossible to reproduce. I balk at people who merely take him as drunkard to be philistines who have no idea how difficult it is to write so naturally. I'm unemployed; have worked shitty jobs most of my life; am in vocationally school. I am most of all a lover of Bukowski. I also very much appreciate this forum.
Welcome, welcome. There's a lot of people here with a lot of knowledge. And, usually, a lot of fun.

I also hate that people take him JUST as a drunk. Most poets throughout history had vices. Drink is one of the more popular ones. I think he gets more flack for simply BEING a poet, though... No one reads poetry anymore...

Regardless, welcome. Enjoy your time!
Oh, well, I do love his poetry. I love his prose as well and he was a great poet. I consider his poetry the writing that got me hooked on him, even though I first read his novels, it is his poetry that is most raw and that which is most natural, at least in my opinion. I also consider him a great short story writer. His story "Animal Crackers in My Soup" almost made me burst into tears.
I live in Felton. I worked at San Lorenzo Lumber for awhile, now known as lumbermens, as a clerk. I got sick of being paid low wages so I decided that going to school to learn a trade or a skill of some sort would be better for me.
Yes, nearly a year. I wanted to be able to see pictures and they are only available to members which is why I signed up. I'm not much for participating on forums. Thank you for your welcome.
I wanted to be able to see pictures and they are only available to members which is why I signed up.
I never realized that you had to be logged in to see attachments. Maybe that's something that can be changed. I'll check it out.

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