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Good Day fellow friends of Hank. Just dropping in to say HI because I found this forum while searching for Bukowski books to buy. Glad I found all of you/all of you found me. I have to say that my Bukowski books have been a great source of comfort to me in these weird days. Take care.
Hey, welcome to the forum.
I'm new here too. And totally into stalking this forum, finding every work of Bukowski posted here. :p
It's nice to see I'm not the only crazy reader out here.
Hey! Welcome to the forum.
I also joined this month. You can have access to almost every work of Bukowski here. So if you are eager to know more and more about his life, you are at the right place :)
Also there are many threads here where people discuss about all sorts of stuff. Like what are you reading (apart from Bukowski). Or what are you drinking lol. So you can share whatever you want and find people to have fun conversations with.
Take your time to go through everything and you will surely find you way through it. :D
Have fun. And welcome again.

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