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Hey Folks,
For anyone interested.... This release is professionally perfect bound and is limited to only 200 copies. There are only about 40 copies left and we are about a week away from releasing this. We fully expect to sell out of this book at the time of release. All money goes directly to the project to help spread the word. Again, no one in this group makes a dime off of the sale of this book, or any other book that is sold on the website (

The GPP is proud to announce, in celebration of our 1st anniversary:

The GPPReader

Selections From The Poets Of The Guerilla Poetics Project

A beast of a compilation, perfect bound, slick glossy cover with a letterpress dust-jacket title band, 144 pages, edited by Ed Kauffman, featuring work from these talented GPP Poets:

David Barker - justin.barrett - Miles J. Bell - Luis C. Berriozabal - JJ Campbell - Alan Catlin - Leonard J. Cirino - Glenn W. Cooper - Christopher Cunningham - Soheyl Dahi - Dave Donovan - Doug Draime - Nathan Graziano - S.A. Griffin - Christopher Harter - Christopher Kornacki - Richard Krech - Mike Kriesel - Ellaraine Lockie - Adrian Manning - Al Markowitz - Hosho McCreesh - Brian McGettrick - Amanda Oaks - Bob Pajich - Kathleen Paul-Flanagan - Michael Phillips - Sam Pierstorff - C. Allen Rearick - Charles P. Ries - Ross Runfola - William Taylor, Jr. - Don Winter
You can buy one at the store link on or by contacting me for a mailing address. The price is $15 post paid.



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I've seen the selections and this is a really strong collection. Easily worth a measley $15, and I'd say that even if I wasn't involved.


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Found the new broadsides today. The black S.A. Griffin poem is a little jewel.



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Guerilla Poetics Project - The GPPReader: Selections From The Poets Of The Guerilla Poetics Project
A beast of a compilation, perfect bound, slick glossy cover with a letterpress dust-jacket title band, 144 pages, edited by Ed Kauffman--LIMITED TO 200 COPIES! LESS THAN 5 copies left...get it before it is history. $15
The secretive printer does resenble me at times, but at other times, it resembles others. The one that was posted by PONDER was not printed by anyone that looks like me. In fact, it was printed by a secretive printer in the Pacific Northwest....

Thanks. I am rumored to be the printer of that black one, although I cannot say for sure if the printer was indeed me or not. Many things are a blur lately. Hell, I don't know.

Anyone that is interested in joining the ranks of the anonymous printers please e-mail me at [email protected]. Be warned, though. We are now up to 1200 broadsides each (twice a month) and double sided, so anyone that is interested should understand that agreeing to print a broadside means 2400 hand fed sheets per broadside (we publish 24 broadsides a year). We are lucky to have found some other like-minded people with great skills at letterpress and they are helping. The more people that we get involved will mean that each person prints less as there will not be the need to print 2 sets a month.

The anonymous printer is rumored to have printed about 18,000 broadsides in a little over a year. That would be 36,000 handfed impressions.

It takes 200 operatives to distribute these all over the world.

All credit for this project goes to the 200 people who believe in the idea enough to not only sign up with their money, but to spend the time that it takes to distribute these and help spread the word.



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Not sure how many, but I know there are some. We've had finds up there. I mean GPP has had finds up there. Why on earth I typed "we" is a mystery.

But no one in Nova Scotia, so yes, come on in. We need you.

Damn it, I did it again!


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i just joined, and then i submitted some poems... which makes me seem like i'm just using the GPP to get published- but I SWEAR that i'm not! i've been putting off joining for a year now, just like i've been putting off buying Bottle #5. but now i'm in.


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Well, I believe you. But I would also guess that publication is the reason a lot of people joined, and that's fine too.

At least you had a choice. I was rousted from my bed around 4:30 one morning by some characters with nylons over their heads (and I think one had them on his legs too) and drafted into service, all because I innocently suggested that a database would be a useful tool to integrate into the web site to help keep track of everything. Since then I have been working from a solar powered laptop in a 12'x8' shack out in the high desert, and every week I ask them for food and water and every week they tell me, "You can go home soon..."

But I shouldn't complain. It's not all about me, after all.

They keep telling me that too.

And maybe it's the Stockholm Syndrome speaking, but I actually believe them...
All members are encouraged to submit poems. Just keep in mind that they have to be short enough to fit on a 4.25" x 5.5" card. All members are free to vote, but any poems that are too long for the format are culled from the list before voting. Also, the voting is done completely blind. There are no names on poems, so people are voting for the poems, not the poets that they feel loyalty to vote for.

It is an amazing system that our captive (er, I mean webmaster) has created....



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subbed? you mean "subscribed"? or "submitted" as in submitted to the broadside voting? or "submitted" as in submitted to the wildfire-like spread of the GPP?

your abbreviation is confsng me!

Sorry 'bout the confusion--Submitted poems...everyone can submit & everyone can vote now, thanks to our ether-lunatic!

Just curious how many had...

& yeah, Padre--I already had you pegged my man...& many congrats to you, sir. I'm excited about the next mess of broadsides--some real dandies in their ranks!


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it's been a couple of months since I paid, but no package yet.
Dammit, I'm ready to go in!!!!



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don't mind me, I just like to bitch.
and moan.
I prefer bitching, but moaning will do in a pinch.
if I can do both together, that's perfect.
so, I'm pretty happy now, I get to bitch and moan.

hello? where did everyone go?

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Hi Bill & Co.
Finished placing the broadsides in several different Bukowski titles,
Kerouac, Neruda, Ginsberg, Lorca, Rilke . Right in front of the staff at Chapters in Montreal. One of the few nice things about getting older, you become invisible , had said Germaine Greer. You can get away with a lot.


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I've dropped a couple in books at my job... But we don't really sell a lot of poetry, so who knows if they'll be seen. Luckily, my work has a color printer too, so... I don't even need to use my own ink!

Of course, I have so far... Corporations suck about their supplies.

And I just realized I'm stupid... I don't need to print them out. In fact... I shouldn't print them out. OK, dummy away!


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someone found one of my placed broadsides!

Nova Scotia's on the map, baby!

well, it was already on the map, but you know what I mean....

Gerard K H Love

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I received a broadside in a book I got and when I went to the web site I could not find where to register the number on the broadside. A super nice poem by Hosho McCreesh called CICADA. I'll get my computer illiterate ass to try once more.

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