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Going through some stuff on my writing desk, I found a stack of "to be hidden" broadsides -- so I'm going to try to stick a few in little spots whenever I'm on a trip out of town. Still plenty of fun getting them out there.


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The Guerilla Poetics Project website has been updated again. Just when you thought it was dead forever! If you thought of it at all, which you probably don't.

What changed? Well, it's always bugged me that each broadside didn't have its own page/URL. Now they do. Like so:

In the past, all you could link to was the broadside image or the poet page. Not that millions are linking to the site, but there you go.

The broadsides were also rescanned and larger images are up there now.

On an invisible technology note, making pages for each broadside made it possible to add schema data. Which just means Google will know more about the broadsides now. For example:


Now you can sleep soundly.


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Back in the day, I stuck dozens of GPP broadsides into lit books in my local city library, including about 35 Bukowski books. A year ago that library dumped a third of their entire book collection, for no good reason. Now they have only three Bukowski books remaining. Where the Bukowski books with the broadsides went is anyone's guess. I didn't see any at the annual library book sale where some of the dumped books went. Just thought I'd mention this for the record.

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